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2022Pi Day is coming!

From 14th, Mar to 18th, Mar, we will be celebrating Pi Day!

We've listed some hot-selling Yahboom Raspberry Pi series robotics, sensor kit, protective case, display screen, power supply, etc.

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Excellent robotics

No.1 -- 6 DOF AI Robotic Arm


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Python programming/ROS
  • Gesture recognition, color recognition, visual positioning, garbage classification, catch game, face tracking, building blocks stacking

Original price: $369.00 USD

Special price: $339.48 USD

No.2 -- G1 Smart Tank


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B
  • Python/C programming
  • Climbing up to 60°, Gesture recognition, color recognition, tracking, avoiding, face detection.

Original price: $149.99 USD

Special price: $137.99 USD

No.3 -- 4WD smart robot


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B
  • Python/C programming
  • Intelligent light-seeking, Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, outfire with a fan, gesture recognition, color recognition.

Original price: $128.99 USD

Special price: $118.67 USD

No.4 -- Transbot Lidar Robot


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Python programming/ROS
  • 3D mapping navigation, autopilot, Movelt simulation, High-brightness searchlight

Original price: $749.00 USD

Special price: $689.08 USD

No.5 -- Raspblock AI smart car


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+
  • Python programming
  • Mecanum wheels and TT motors with encoder to achieve 360°omnidirectional movement
  • Color recognition, target tracking, face detection, gesture/QR code recognition, voice broadcast and automatic driving

Original price: $242.48 USD

Special price: $223.08 USD

No.6 -- Pi-motion AI camera platform


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+
  • Python programming
  • Profession multi-function expansion board, HQ metal servo, and a beautiful and wear-resistant aluminum alloy shape
  • color tracking, voice broadcast, face recognition, mailbox alarm, QR code recognition, photo storage, whistle

Original price: $106.49 USD

Special price: $97.97 USD

No.7 -- Raspbot AI Vision Robot


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+
  • Python programming
  • On board ultrasonic, infrared obstacle avoidance, buzzer, LED. And IIC, serial port, servo interface are reserved
  • License plate recognition, mobile tracking, visual recognition, autopilot, gesture control
  • Brand new APP and cute IR remote controller and a lot of codes will be provided

Original price: $94.99 USD

Special price: $87.39 USD

No.8 -- Sensor Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico
  • A plug&play electronics toolkit, no need welding.
  • 21 kinds of sensor modules and a professional expansion board.
  • MicroPython programming suitable for beginners.
  • Provided Raspberry Pi Pico beginners and makers with the easiest experience of learning and playing with the Raspberry Pi Pico platform.

Original price: $69.99 USD

Special price: $64.39 USD

Professional Shields

No.1 --- RGB Cooling HAT


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B/3B+
  • Python/C programming
  • Display CPU temperature, CPU usage, hard disk space, memory and IP address

Original price: $19.99 USD

Special price: $18.39 USD

No.2 --- Pico GPIO sensor expansion board


  • Tailored for Raspberry Pi Pico board.
  • No need welding, plug and play.
  • On-board 4Pin common module interface.
  • Support multiple servos.
  • Can be used for sensor kits, professional extension, and robot development.

Original price: $12.09 USD

Special price: $11.12 USD


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