Yahboom Raspbot AI Vision Robot Car with FPV camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Carl H.
Works well for someone wanting to get into robotics cheaply.

- Car works mostly as advertised
- Fairly feature packed (motors, servos, camera, sensors, leds, line tracking, ultrasonic sensor, buzzer, etc..)
- Instructions are fairly detailed with only a few weak points.
- Software mostly works out of the box.
- The server for connecting via phone app over wifi works.

- After going forward for a period of time, the car will no longer go in a straight line, and will shift to the left or right.
- Sometimes you can’t connect to the network by scanning the QR code with the camera. You’d better prepare a display to connect to the network manually, but if you don’t change the network environment, you only need to connect once.

Overall this is a good base for a Raspberry Pi robot for those just getting started who knows there way around python and linux already.

Some suggestions if you order this:
* Buy/Borrow a separate USB/USBc power supply for your Raspberry pi to use while setting up and testing.
* Get a raspberry pi 4 vs an older model to get faster video

Simple to assemble - use of Raspberry Pi makes it really great for learning

This is a great beginner level STEM robotics kit if you are interested in programming with a standard language like Python instead of proprietary block-based languages that many other kits use.
For me, the best part was that most of the GPIO ports of the Pi were open, so its easy to add more capabilities to the robot. I enjoyed this so much, I even used it as an assignment in a course I teach.

At this price range I think this is a wonderful little robot.

Michael Johnson
A cost-effective Raspberry Pi AI car

Structure: simple structure, 4 wheels plus an expansion board and a simple camera pan/tilt.

Hardware: expansion board is chassis, integrated buzzer, ultrasonic, infrared receiver, infrared obstacle avoidance and 4-channel tracking equipment.

Function: As shown in the video, the AI function can work normally, but there will be lags during gesture recognition (perhaps because of the insufficient computing power of the Raspberry Pi. After all, this is just a learning programming car. I think it’s great to develop so many functions)

Suggestion: I think 4-wheel cars are too common in the market, and they are not attractive enough. If they are replaced with tanks or other shapes, more people may be willing to pay.

We have another Raspberry Pi Tank, you can check this link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/g1tank

Robin H.
As stated in the reviews, it is very cost-effective

The chassis of this car integrates infrared obstacle avoidance, infrared remote control, line patrol sensor, buzzer, etc. And Yahboom's engineers have developed these functions, and these codes are very detailed, which is very suitable for beginners.

Regarding the AI function, in addition to a little bit of lag in gesture recognition (I know this is caused by the lack of computing power of the Raspberry Pi itself), the other functions are very effective.

My advices:
1) 2DOF camera PTZuses the most common plastic steering gear. I think changing to a higher-quality metal steering gear can make the visual tracking effect better.
2) The battery pack is directly attached to the rear of the car with Velcro. Obviously this is an imperfect design.

In summary, I cannot give a 5-star. I really hope that one day in the future, it is worthy of 5 stars.

The appearance is not cool, but the function is nice

-- Compared with another tank, Raspbot has a very ordinary appearance, maybe this is the reason why it is cheaper.

-- The seller has provided many detailed procedures and gameplay tutorials, and I am learning the function of face detection.

-- The APP interface is very beautiful, with all the functions integrated on it. It can be used by turning on the power switch, which is very convenient.

In short, the cool appearance, I think function and price are what I pay more attention to.


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