Yahboom DOFBOT AI Vision Robotic Arm with ROS Python programming for Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB/4GB

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Daniel Bueler
I got it on time and they work great.

The CE, ROHS certification mark is printed on the DOFBOT box, which looks very safe.
A lot of black sponges are filled inside to avoid damage to parts due to collisions during transportation.
The robotic arm is installed, which saves me a lot of time before I can enjoy it quickly.
The mechanical arm is made of green aluminum alloy, which should be able to be used for a long time.
There is no battery in the kit, there is a power adapter and adapter cable, which means you can only use it where there is power.
If you want to use it outdoors, it might be better to choose a robotic arm trolley with batteries.
I spent 2 or two cars to test all the programs on the APP, and most of them can be used normally. Except for advanced color calibration, I can't always debug the appropriate parameters accurately.
I tried 5 times, and finally completed the calibration, which can realize the function of using color interaction.
By the way, regarding color calibration, you may need to keep trying many many times like me.
Technical support cannot only tell you that you need to adjust the scroll bar on the APP. They cannot go to your home or the school to actually help you adjust.
Due to this color recognition calibration problem, I scold the technical support, but they still patiently responded to all my questions.
I am ashamed of my previous behavior. Sorry...

G. W. Bush
Worked great for 2 days!

I like its metal structure!

4-star review from a Raspberry Pi fan and AI programming enthusiast for Yahboom Pi robotic arm

----The transportation and appearance of the package.
It’s the first time for me to buy this kind of programming product on an unfamiliar website. At first, I was worried about whether they could ship the goods on time. Yahboom's service surprised me. I received the package from China 5 days after I paid. (Unfortunately, I can't add pictures here, otherwise I will definitely share my unboxing process) All parts are placed in the black sponge in order, so even after long-distance transportation, items did not be damaged)

---- Product itself:
The overall structure of the robotic arm is assembled (in fact, I prefer to assemble this robotic arm by myself, I really like the structure of aluminum alloy). I disassembled one of BUS servos,which inside is a metal gear, which looks good quality.
The kit contains a TF card. After inserting the TF card and connecting to the power supply, the robotic arm will start normally. (Convenient design for users)

----Its function.
As shown in the video, almost all functions on the APP can be implemented normally. The only thing that makes me feel a bit difficult is color recognition. When I used it for the first time, my robotic arm could not recognize red, only recognize green and blue. I calibrate the color according to the instructions on the APP.

But I have to say that the Raspberry Pi’s computing power is limited, which leads to many complex functions that cannot be implemented perfectly, and video freezes will occur. Perhaps another Jeston version of the robotic arm will perform better, so I can only give this product a 4 star review.

Marcus W.
Recomendable para trabajar con los pones de microbit

Buen producto. Muy interesante que tenga la opción de alimentar a 5 v.

Julian K.
- Excellent toy to help educate Python AI programming

I bought it to learn Python programming. There is a black sponge in the box, and each part is placed in its own position. It seems that everything is reasonable. Although there were some problems when connecting to the wireless network, the technical support responded to my email within 24 hours and helped me solve the problem.

Now more and more people around me are learning Python programming, and I would like to recommend this robotic arm to others.


  • I have unboxed the unit. And when I try to calibrate the servos in the app.. I only get a green circle around Servo 1. And nothing else turns green.. what could be the issue ?

    Hello Friend.
    Thanks for your support to Yahboom products.
    Could you contact us by E-mail, WhatsAPP or skype? We will provide you with professional technical support and after-sales service.
    E-mail: support@yahboom.com
    WhatsAPP: +86 18682378128
    Skype: support@yahboom.com

  • In case of DOFBOT without Raspberry PI version , do you provide the microSD card with OS and Spftware that can be directly used if Raspberry PI is prepared ? Or should I prepare the microSD card and install the Linux OS and Software for the DOFBOT ? I wish you provide us with ready installed microSD card for the DOFBOT system.

    Hi Friend, sorry for late reply.  There are some time difference, so i didn't reply you on time.
    The SD card that has been written into the OS system and software file is the standard configuration of this robotic arm kit. Regardless of whether you purchase a package containing the Raspberry Pi board, you will get a SD card that has been written into the OS and software file. You can use it directly.
    Sorry again for late reply.

  • Is there a detailed description of the expansion board? I have only seen the top level image of the board showing a list of 12 or so components.

    Thanks for your question.
    You can check this link to get Hardware Interface Manual. Link: http://www.yahboom.net/study/Dofbot-Pi

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