Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot with Lidar Depth camera support Python programming MoveIt 3D mapping for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Raspberry Pi board: Without
Camera: HD Camera
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Lucas Rodrigues Souza

I was really impressed with this Raspberry Pi Tracked Transbot Car. First, its structural design and build quality are excellent. The trolley is made of strong and durable materials, ensuring its stability and durability.

Secondly, I am very satisfied with the control and programming flexibility of it. With Raspberry Pi, we can customize and optimize the behavior of the car. It allows us to write our own code to implement various functions such as automatic navigation, path planning, etc.

In the end, the performance and responsiveness of the little car is excellent. It responds quickly to commands and moves with just the right speed. This makes controlling and operating the trolley smoother and easier.

But it may have some room for improvement. Sometimes, in complex environments, the radar may be interfered, resulting in inaccurate obstacle avoidance. Also, the battery life of the car may need to be improved for longer runs

Mikhailovich Kuznetsov
Overall, it is acceptable

Last week, I purchased this Raspberry Pi Transbot car from this website and I am generally satisfied with my purchase. Shipping list inlcude all the necessary parts and tools for assembly, which was straightforward.

The AI capabilities are impressive and the car is able to detect and avoid obstacles with relative ease. However, the programming was a bit more challenging than I anticipated and I had to do some research and troubleshooting to get it working properly.

Additionally, the seller's customer service could have been more responsive to my inquiries.

Benjamin Netanyahu

As an experienced programmer, I was looking for a challenge and this programming car delivered. The open-source platform allowed me to customize the code to my liking and the car's functionality is impressive. It's fast, responsive and the sensors work flawlessly.
Thanks for fast and safe logistics from Yahboom!

Edjunior Wu

After waiting for a week, I finally received the package. From the appearance, all parts are brand new and undamaged.
I'm going to travel with my friends tomorrow, and I'll go home next month to test it. Any question, I will submit a new comment.

INazim Quliyev
sn't a frustrating kit.

This kit may be a little intimidating for beginners at the level, but it is so well designed, built and documented that I would unconditionally recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to build, program and control a modern autonomous robot.
It runs on an 18650 battery pack (the battery is already included in the kit) and requires a Jetson NANO or Raspberry Pi as the controlling SBC (Single Board Computer).
Yahboom provides great personalized online help, even when you get stuck.
So trust me, this isn't a frustrating kit.

Thanks for your review.
If you have any questions during the follow-up use, please feel free to contact us, we will provide professional technical support and after-sales service.
By the way. If you want to buy any Yahboom product, please let me know, I will apply an exclusive discount coupon for you.


  • I bought the Yahboom ROS Transbot Robot with Lidar Depth camera support Python programming MoveIt 3D mapping for Raspberry Pi, if in the future I want to switch to Jetson NANO 4GB(B01/SUB) version, can I do it? if so what do i need to buy, and do? Regards and thanks

    Hello friend,
    If you want to use Jetson NANO version. You just need purchase, Jetson NANO board, U disk(With Transbot system file), Jetson nano installstion package.
    If you need, contact me by E-mail: market@yahboom.com
    I will I will draft an order and send it to you.

  • I bought it, but I have an error with the astra camera launching , also the frame rate is very low ( 1 fps), is there a method to modify this?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for lata reply. Could you send your question to this E-mail:support@yahboom.com
    Our Technical Support will reply you ASAP.

  • Can this recognize other things ( not faces). For example, a date bunch?

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your message. 
    This is a programmable product, and we currently only provide routines to recognize a person's face.
    If you need to identify a group of people, you can do that by modifying the code.

  • If I formatted the memory by wrong, how could I restore the files again? Can I get another memory card?

    Hi friend,
    Could you contact our technical support is via email or WhatsAPP. He will provide professional services to help you solve the problem ASAP.
    E-mail: support@yahboom.com   WhatsAPP: +86 18682378128

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