ROSMASTER X3 PLUS ROS Robot for Jetson NANO 4GB/Orin NX/Orin NANO/RPi 4B

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Version: RaspberryPi 4B 4G
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Great product

I just got the robot assembled, everything worked on the first try. The assembly instructions were perfect. The robot structure is of high quality, and the system overall is very capable. Great job Yahboom on building such a quality product. I am very excited to learn the robot's potential. This is a great ROS / AI learning experience.

Daniel Thompson
Overall, a fantastic product! Highly satisfied with my purchase.

Exceptional build quality defines this X3+ robot. However, a more detailed guide with practical examples to fully unleash the potential of programming and utilizing the robotic arm would be greatly appreciated. Despite this minor drawback, the Jetson Nano robot arm car stands out as an excellent choice for robotics enthusiasts and learners eager to explore AI and robotics possibilities.

Marcel Chapuis

J'ai hâte de tout découvrir...un petit problème avec un moteur, mais Dolphin Zhang est rapide pour résoudre nos difficultés. Merci Dolphin Zhang.

Hi Marcel,
Thanks for your support to Yahboom product.
It's my honor to help you solve the problem.

Victor Wang


Isabella Martinez

The overall build quality is solid, and the included documentation is helpful in getting started. However, I would have appreciated more detailed instructions and examples for programming and utilizing the robotic arm's full potential. Despite this minor drawback, the Jetson Nano Robotic Arm Car is an excellent choice for robotics enthusiasts and learners who want to explore the possibilities of AI and robotics.
It offers a great balance of performance, versatility, and educational value, deserving a solid four-star rating!"


  • Hi i need 2pins to dc cable! how can I buy that? I bought rosmaster for NANO ver, and Now I have Orin NX so I want to use that! and also I want to ask how to use img file? for Orin NX. do you have any guide for img file for Orin NX?

    Hello friend,
    There is a lot of content that needs to be replied to.
    Please contact me through this email:

  • I am having problems with running the sample codes as it gives me errors . Tried to update the firmware but couldn’t Find the firmware on the website

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. We just ending Chinese new year holiday. And back to work today.
    Could you send questions to this E-mail: Our technical support will reply you ASAP.

  • I am trying to switch the Jetson with the Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB). I download the system file and flash the .img but the screen goes black after boot up. Is there a step I could be missing? ( I repurposed the jetson for another robot and wanted to get this one to work again with a Pi.)

    Hello friend,
    We can't send file to you here. Please send your question to this E-mail:  our technical support will reply you ASAP.

  • Hi, I can download all documents in this tutorial ?

    Hello friend,
    Open this link on computer, you can download all file.

  • Hi, I am a research associate working with the CERTH team in Greece. We are interested in buying a mobile base and a robotic arm for research, so I would like to ask a couple of questions 1) How soon could we expect the product to arrive in Greece? 2) Is there any support for Gazebo? Do you plan to include any in the future? 3) Would it be possible to have access to the relative files including urdf robot description et al, before the robot is delivered? Maybe, upon buying the product?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. There was some time difference between us, so I didn't reply to you in time.
    1) After you paid, we will send your package today by Fedex. It will arrive at 5-6days.
    2) Gazebo is inlcude.
    3) This x3 plus tutorial link:
    Open this link on computer, you will see all codes and file.
    Any other question, contact me by this

  • If I buy the model for RaspberryPI what is required that I can later use the same robot also with e.g. Jetson Nano? Is there a special module for every controller that can be purchased separately?

    Hello friend, nice to meet you.
    Since the size of the Raspberry Pi and the Jetson NANO board are different, the screw and copper post accessory kits to install them on the robot are different.
    If you want to use it on a different main control board in the future, you can purchase an additional mounting kit. This is the link:

  • Does ROSMASTER X3 PLUS ROS Robot Python Programming for Jetson NANO 4GB/Xavier NX/TX2 NX/RaspberryPi 4B come with ROS2?

    Due to the incomplete files and functions of ROS2 at present, our robot currently only supports ROS1, but in the future we will upgrade the system to make it compatible with ROS2

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