ROSMASTER R2 ROS Robot with Ackermann structure for Jetson NANO 4GB/Xavier NX/TX2 NX/RPi 4B(Max Speed:1.8m/s)

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Controller: Without
Version: Standard-RPi 4B 4G
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Wisanu Juthy

The speed is as fast as I thought. I was worried that I could not successfully assemble the Ackerman chassis. When I received the goods, I found that the chassis had been assembled, which was great.
Unfortunately, it still has some shortcomings.
① Too fast to control
② Unable to bear weight
③ The automatic driving cases don't match perfectly. I have to debug that by myself.


Ackerman structure is cool, I like it!!!


After I placed the order, Yahboom tell me that the package had been sent. I received my package in the United States about 5 days later.
According to the instructions, I had a hard time completing the assembly. After that, I knew that an installation video was provided (God, what I missed!!).
When I first used the APP remote control, I encountered some problems, and helped me solve them through the whatsAPP group technical support. However, due to the time difference, the communication took a long time. It took two days to solve the problem.
If Yahboom can provide technical support services at American time, I think more people will buy them. (Just suggestions)
The car's overall features are very good, but I still think there are some areas that need improvement.
① The motor speed is fast, and it is not easy to control when moving at high speed.
② The wiring between the expansion board and the module and motor is too complex, which is easy to be connected incorrectly.
③ If the car is stationary for a long time when the navigation function is turned on, the map will shift due to accumulated errors.


  • What is the approximate speed range of the car?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. There is some time difference between us, so I can't reply you in time
    After our test, the maximum speed of this car is 1.8m/s.

  • What is the max speed?

    Hello friend,
    After we test, it max speed is 1.8m/s.
    The following are the parameters of the motor, which I hope will be helpful to you.
    Rated voltage: 12V; Stall torque: 3.1 kgf,cm; Rated torque:; Speed before deceleration: 11000rpm; 
    Rated power: <4w; Stall current: 3A; Rated current: 0.3A; 
    Reduction ratio: 1:19; Speed after deceleration: About 550±10rpm; Supply voltage: 3.3-5V

  • Whats The difference between the Standard nano and the supirior and ultimate vesrsion.. (i have the nano 4GB developer kit )

    Hi friend,
    Sorry for late reply.
    Standard kit packing list include: SLAM A1 Lidar.
    Supirior kit packing list includes: SLAM A1 Lidar, 7 inch display screen.
    Ultimate kit packing list includes: YDLidar 4ROS, 7 inch display screen, voice module.
    Your can check SKU picture about this. Any other questions, contact us by

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