ROSMASTER R2 ROS2 Robot with Ackermann structure for Jetson NANO 4GB/Orin NANO/Orin NX/RPi 5/4B(Max Speed:1.8m/s)

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Version: Standard-RPi 5 8G
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Stewe Lundin
A great car kit if you can meet some challenges

Firstly, if you assemble it correctly, the product can work. My child and I really enjoy features such as autonomous driving and obstacle avoidance. The functionality of this kit is truly worth five stars.

What surprised me was that the kit included a rechargeable battery with a large capacity of 6000mAH. I had previously purchased a car kit from another brand, but it did not include a battery, which caused me to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable battery. So the Yahboom R2 car is simply worth it.

Still testing and the technology is very helpful.

Jose Armando Fragoso
no tan bueno

en estos días he estado trabajando sobre los totorales de la pagina web, sin embargo no todos funcionan y tienden a marcar muchos errores, fuera de eso todo bien con el vehículo y los materiales de construcción.

Lamri Nehaoua
Good deal

Vers good service, thé véhicule aarived to France within 4 days. Tutoriel is complète and détaillée. Thanks

Benjamin Thompson

I was eagerly awaiting my package a week ago and was pleasantly surprised when it finally arrived. DHL's logistics service is excellent, even if the package has gone through a long journey, it is still intact without any damage or wear. Thanks to Yahboom for the excellent packaging and fast logistics service, I am very satisfied with their attention to detail.

The assembly process was very smooth and the clear instructions got me up and running quickly. The performance of the R2 car did not disappoint me either, it performed brilliantly.

Thank you Yahboom for the excellent product and service, I am very impressed with their products and look forward to more programming projects and fun times spent with my R2 car.

A powerful and flexible Jetson ROS car

The R2 car is equipped with the high-performance computing platform of the Jetson series, providing it with powerful computing power. This enables the car to handle complex algorithms and perception tasks, such as real-time object detection, SLAM (simultaneous localization and map building), and path planning.

However, compared to other brands robot platforms, the price of this R2 cars is higher.


  • Hi Can I buy Standard-RPI or Standard-NANO for my own Jetson ORIN NX dev kit? If now, then why?

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your message.
    Standard-RPI or Standard-NANO didn't support Jetson ORIN NX dev kit. 
    If you want to use R2 car on Jetson ORIN NX dev kit, you can choose 【Ultimate-Orin NX】.

  • Hi. Can the depth camera act like a two ordinary cameras? I need to send the two video streams, image data (pre-processed by an on board Jetson Nano) and certain other data to a remote ROS 2 node that controls the robot. Thank you.

    Hi friend,
    Please check send questions to this E-mail:
    Our technical support will provide professional responses.

  • Hi, I plan to have the robot taking in real-time video, and then relay/pass sampled video-frames to another PC/server located on the same wifi-network; then the remote PC/server will pass instructions back to the robot to instruct it to move in certain ways or play back certain audio/voice-message (which is also sent by the PC/server); Is this possible? Thanks,

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your message. According to your description, our APP remote control currently adopts this method.
    Capture the video image of the car camera and display it in real-time on the mobile app interface, and then the buttons on the mobile app can remotely control the car.

  • What is the approximate speed range of the car?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. There is some time difference between us, so I can't reply you in time
    After our test, the maximum speed of this car is 1.8m/s.

  • What is the max speed?

    Hello friend,
    After we test, it max speed is 1.8m/s.
    The following are the parameters of the motor, which I hope will be helpful to you.
    Rated voltage: 12V; Stall torque: 3.1 kgf,cm; Rated torque:; Speed before deceleration: 11000rpm; 
    Rated power: <4w; Stall current: 3A; Rated current: 0.3A; 
    Reduction ratio: 1:19; Speed after deceleration: About 550±10rpm; Supply voltage: 3.3-5V

  • Whats The difference between the Standard nano and the supirior and ultimate vesrsion.. (i have the nano 4GB developer kit )

    Hi friend,
    Sorry for late reply.
    Standard kit packing list include: SLAM A1 Lidar.
    Supirior kit packing list includes: SLAM A1 Lidar, 7 inch display screen.
    Ultimate kit packing list includes: YDLidar 4ROS, 7 inch display screen, voice module.
    Your can check SKU picture about this. Any other questions, contact us by

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