ROSMASTER R2 ROS2 Robot with Ackermann structure for Jetson NANO 4GB/Orin NANO/Orin NX/RPi 4B(Max Speed:1.8m/s)

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Controller: Without
Version: Standard-RPi 4B 4G
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A powerful and flexible Jetson ROS car

The R2 car is equipped with the high-performance computing platform of the Jetson series, providing it with powerful computing power. This enables the car to handle complex algorithms and perception tasks, such as real-time object detection, SLAM (simultaneous localization and map building), and path planning.

However, compared to other brands robot platforms, the price of this R2 cars is higher.

Blanford Shanann

I received a package from DHL a month ago. Even after long-distance transportation, the package was still delivered intact. Thanks Yahboom for the fast logistics and information provided on the package.
At present, it seems that everything in my R2 car is normal.

Can Dundar

I will not hesitate to recommend it to friends who like programming as much as I do.

Isabelle Girard

This product is an excellent educational tool for learning robotics, programming, and automation. The Raspberry Pi platform provides a powerful and versatile computing environment, while the ROS (Robot Operating System) framework can easily integrate various sensors and actuators.

Programming is its shining point, especially for those interested in Python. The Python programming language is widely used in the field of robotics.

However, this car is not without challenges. Although Raspberry Pi provides sufficient computing power, limited resources may become bottlenecks when running complex programs. In addition, the assembly and setup process may be time-consuming and require a certain level of technical expertise.

Trewil Walde
Technical support is helpful

Logistics were very fast, and just 6 working days, I received my package from China in Ireland.

At first, my car couldn't start properly, and it took me an hour to solve my problem. I plan to return it. Fortunately, my friend found the contact information for technical support on the last page of the manual. I contacted technical support through WhatsApp, and Mr. Wu quickly helped me solve the problem.

Due to language issues, our communication was slow in a timely manner, but all issues have been resolved. Now, everything in my car is normal.

Hi friend,
Thanks for your order on our website. And these picture about R2 car.
Contact us if you have any other questions in the future, and technical support will continue to provide professional services.
If you will have next order, contact us, i will prepare a discount coupon to you for this product picture.


  • What is the approximate speed range of the car?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. There is some time difference between us, so I can't reply you in time
    After our test, the maximum speed of this car is 1.8m/s.

  • What is the max speed?

    Hello friend,
    After we test, it max speed is 1.8m/s.
    The following are the parameters of the motor, which I hope will be helpful to you.
    Rated voltage: 12V; Stall torque: 3.1 kgf,cm; Rated torque:; Speed before deceleration: 11000rpm; 
    Rated power: <4w; Stall current: 3A; Rated current: 0.3A; 
    Reduction ratio: 1:19; Speed after deceleration: About 550±10rpm; Supply voltage: 3.3-5V

  • Whats The difference between the Standard nano and the supirior and ultimate vesrsion.. (i have the nano 4GB developer kit )

    Hi friend,
    Sorry for late reply.
    Standard kit packing list include: SLAM A1 Lidar.
    Supirior kit packing list includes: SLAM A1 Lidar, 7 inch display screen.
    Ultimate kit packing list includes: YDLidar 4ROS, 7 inch display screen, voice module.
    Your can check SKU picture about this. Any other questions, contact us by

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