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Yahboom Robot Car for Raspberry Pi Pico

I tried using a robotic car that extends Raspberry Pi Pico provided by Yahboom.


The packing list includes: packing box, instruction manual, car extension board, tires, infrared remote controller, motor and mounting bracket, rechargeable battery, tracking map,Bluetooth module, OLED, screwdriver.

! ! !Note: If you purchase with Raspberry Pi Pico board, your package will include Raspberry Pi Pico board. If you purchase not include Raspberry Pi Pico, you need prepare Raspberry Pi Pico by yourself.


  • Install the motor and bracketby rivets

  • Install tires

  • Install Bluetooth and OLED module

  • Install Raspberry Pi Pico on car extension board

  • Install battery


Front: Ultrasonic, sound sensor, infrared remote control receiver, light sensor, Bluetooth module,OLED, servo pin, IIC port.

Back: Tracking sensor, buzzer, programmable colorful RGB lights, motor socket.

Import Pico robot car library

Please check this tutorials, view [2.Development environment construction]--->[2.4 Import library file].


1) Tracking

2) APP control

3) OLED display



Raspberry Pi Pico Robot a simple, compact but multi-functional programmable trolley. It not only has a large number of sensor modules onboard, but also reserves a lot of interfaces, which is convenient for users to expand. At the same time, it also supports Bluetooth APP and infrared remote control, which is a good tool for learning MicroPython programming.



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MWJ van Harmelen

MWJ van Harmelen

I am very surprised by the design of the raspberry pi pico robot, but …. why you do not have designed a pico robot with encoder motors. A robot with encoder motors gives you in robot challenges more advantages. Perhaps in version 2 ???

kind regards
Rien van Harmelen (NL)

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