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Since Nvidia has announced the end of production of the Jetson NANO 4GB developer kit. And due to lack of materials, the price of the Jetson Jetson Xavier NX developer kit has become very expensive and out stock.

In order to meet the needs of most customers, we have launched the Jetson series SUB version of the developer kit. As shown below.

Jetson NANO 4GB SUB Developer Kit

Combination: NVIDIA Jetson NANO 4GB official module + Yahboom carrier board

Comes with 16G eMMC storage, support U disk expand storage.

Suitable for beginners in AI programming, it is an entry-level developer kit. Its computing power is not the best in In these three development board, but it is enough for ROS educational robots, robotic arms, smart cars and other projects.

Jetson Xavier NX SUB Developer Kit

Combination: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX official module + Yahboom carrier board

Comes with 16G eMMC storage, 8G/16G RAM, 128G NVMe SSD for free.

Top computing power, suitable for complex neural network algorithms, intelligent robots, industrial-grade projects. 

Jetson TX2 NX Developer Kit



Combination: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX official module + Yahboom carrier board

Comes with 16G eMMC storage, M.2 network card, 128GB SSD for free, and the read and write speeds can reach 1800M/S and 500M/S respectively.

Same performance as TX2, same size as NANO, suitable for ROS Ackerman car, Al edge computing Kit, ROS bionic robot, ROS teaching experiment box. Jetson TX2-NX has a performance up to 2.5 times that of Jetson Nano, which can fully meet the training of commonly used deep learning models and is cost-effective. Compared with Jetson Xavier NX, JetsonTX2-NX has almost no difference in performance except the speed of complex model training and visual recognition processing is slightly slower.


If you are a student or a beginner AI programming enthusiast, Jetson NANO is recommended.

If you are a user with experience in AI intelligent robot development and want to achieve more functions such as artificial intelligence, ROS, image processing, etc., TX-N2 is recommended.

If you are a professional engineer and have sufficient funds, you want to implement difficult industrial-level projects, Xavier NX is recommended.



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