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ROSMASTER X3 ROS Educational Robot with Mecanum Wheel can Lidar avoiding 3D mapping navigation for Jetson NANO 4GB /RaspberryPi 4B


Note: This robot is not installed before delivery, you need to install it yourself according to the installation video or manual.

Packing list

Pendulum suspension bracket-1

Pendulum suspension bracket-2 *1

Anti-collision beam *1

Motor base plate *1

Main controller fixed plate *1

RGB strip fixed bracket *1

Lidar fixed plate *1

Robot expansion board *1

USB HUB expansion board *1

Motor *4

Coupling *4

Mecanum wheel*4


LED strip *1

Charger *1

Connection cable *n

Data line *1

Screwdriver *1

Handle+ AAA battery *1

Battery *1

Screw pack *n

Tip: Depending on the version you choose, you'll get different accessory package.

ROSMASTER X3 is an omnidirectional robot developed based on the ROS robot operating system. It use Jetson series boards and Raspberry Pi 4B as the main controller, and is equipped with high-performance hardware configuration such as lidar and depth camera, which can realize the robot applications such as motion control, remote communication, map building and navigation, obstacle avoidance, automatic driving, and human body feature recognition.

SLAM Lidar

A1 lidar adopts the measurement method of triangular ranging, the measurement radius is 0.15m~12m, and the sampling frequency is 8K. Combined with the ROS robot system, indoor mapping and navigation functions can be easily realized.

S2 lidar adopts TOF ranging method, which has better anti-sunlight ability, supports indoor and outdoor mapping and navigation, measurement radius supports 0.05m~30m, sampling frequency 32K, scanning frequency 8HZ~15HZ, supports 1M communication rate, combined with ROS Robotic systems can easily implement indoor mapping and navigation functions.

Depth camera

This ROS real-sensing depth camera comes with a color camera(RGB), IR camera, infrared projector, and depth processor. With dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human skeleton recognition, 3D measurement, environment perception, 3D mapping navigation, etc., 

Mecanum wheel

It allows the ROSMASTER robot car to achieve 360° movement. 

Supports a variety of boards

ROSMASTER X3 supports Raspberry Pi 4B, JETSON NANO, TX2-NX, XAVIER NX four boards to choose from, and the usage methods are basically the same, all use ubuntu system.

Voice interaction module

ROSMASTER X3 is equipped with a high-performance voice interaction module. By issuing voice commands, it can control robot movement, color tracking, color recognition, Autopilot and other interesting functions. 

Introduction to feature functions


ORB-SLAM2 is an open source SLAM framework that supports monocular, binocular, and RGB-D cameras. Itcan calculate the pose of the camera in real time and reconstruct the surrounding environment sparsely in3D at the same time. In RGB-D mode, the real scale information can be obtained.

2) RTAB-MAP 3D Visual Mapping and Navigation

Using the RTAB algorithm to integrate vision and radar, the robot realizes 3D visual mapping andnavigation and obstacle avoidance, and supports global relocation and autonomous positioning.

3) MEDIAPIPE development

Through the MediaPipe development framework, the functions of hand detection, posture detection,overall detection, face detection, 3D detection and recognition are completed.

4) Lidar mapping and navigation avoiding

lt can realize gmapping, hector, karto, cartographer mapping algorithms, support path planning,dynamic obstacle avoidance, single-point and multi-point navigation. 

5) Multi-robot navigation
Multiple robots are on the same map to achieve single-point navigation, multi-point navigation, anddynamic obstacle avoidance.

6) Voice control multi-point navigation
The voice recognition module recognizes commands and controls ROSMASTER to navigate autonomouslyto specify coordinate points.

Detailed Videos and Tutorials


Tutorials Link: ROSMASTER X3 ROS Educational Robot

Professional technical support


ROSMASTER X3 is an educational robot based on the robot operating system with Mecanum Wheel, compatible with Jetson NANO/Xavier NX/TX2 NX and Raspberry Pi 4B. It is equipped with lidar, depth camera, voice interaction module and other high-performance hardware modules. Using Python programming, ROSMASTER X3 can realize mapping and navigation, following or avoiding, Autopilot and human body posture detection. It support APP remote control, APP mapping navigation, handle remote control, ROS system PC control and other cross-platform remote control methods. We provide 103 video courses and a large number of codes, which can allow users to learn artificial intelligence programming and ROS systems.




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