Christmas Gift Guide: Lighting up the Joy of the Festival

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a wonderful time to express love and kindness. Whether you're looking for gifts for family, friends or colleagues, we've brought you a comprehensive Christmas season gift guide to help you find the perfect gift to add a touch of warmth and joy to this special holiday.

1.Gifts for kids ages 6-10

【Christmas Gift Guide for Kids: Creative Holiday Joy】

Christmas is a long-awaited day for children, and their anticipation and excitement for gifts is like snowflakes flying in the sky. In this time of magic and joy, let’s discover some unique and meaningful Christmas gifts that will bring endless joy to children.

STEM Toys: These educational toys combine science, technology, engineering and mathematics to not only educate and entertain, but also develop children's logical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, programmable robot sets, scientific experiment boxes, electronic sensor sets, etc.
Not only that, these gifts also allow parents and children to build and use them together, which can add parent-child interaction and laughter to Christmas.

Got following Gift for kids. ▼▼▼

21 in 1 world of module programmable sensor kit

  • 【Based on BBC Micro:bit design】The most popular micro development board in the world, which is good choice of most STME educational institutions.
  • 【20+ building models】This kit contains 300 high-quality building block parts, which can build more than 20 non-repetitive models. With more than 30 different gameplay courses, it is a cost-effective STEM educational kit
  • 【10 kinds of high-precision electronic modules + professional expansion board】It is equipped with 10 kinds of common sensors with ABS case, and an expansion board with anti-reverse PH2.0 interface. Quick connect, easy to use.
  • 【Support MakeCode and Python programming】We provide detailed tutorials and codes, which can cultivate children's logical thinking and practical skills.
  • 【Compatible with LEGO EV3 blocks】Children can combine Lego bricks to build more interesting models.

Tinybit Pro AI visual robot car

  • Equipped with an adjustable bracket, the user can freely adjust the angle of the camera on the K210 module.
  • Robot car adopts MakeCode graphical programming, K210 module adopts MicroPython programming.
  • Basic functions: infrared tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, buzzer singing, sound detection, RGB lighting effect.
  • AI vision functions: QR code detection, face recognition, mask detection, color following, etc.
  • Supports three remote control methods: APP, IR controller and Microbit handle.
  • Unique simulated actual scene track map (including 6 different road signs) for choice.

16 in 1 Building:bit Super kit for BBC Micro:bit V2/V1.5

  • Designed based on BBC Micro:bit, equipped with Super:bit professional expansion board
  • 16 kinds of building block models + full color printing project instruction manual
  • MakeCode programming + Python programming, suitable for users with different ages
  • Support APP/game handle remote control
  • Compatible with LEGO building block, various gameplays

2.Gifts for teens ages 12~16

【Teen Gift Guide for the Christmas Season: Stimulate Interests and Ignite Dreams】

Christmas is the ideal time to prepare gifts for teenage students as they explore the world, develop interests and unleash their inner potential. In this moment full of hope and joy, buy them a meaningful gift and create a beautiful memory.

Smart Technology and Coding Kits: For teenagers who like technology, coding kits are a good choice. For example, a robot suit that can be assembled and programmed by oneself can stimulate their interest and creativity in technology.

12DOF Robot Dog DOGZILLA S1/S2 for Raspberry Pi 4B(Ubuntu 20.04+ROS2)

  • Can walk and twist like a real dog.
  • Equipped with 6 high-precision servo motors, a safe and non-toxic aluminum alloy body, and a wide-angle camera. S2 has added lidar and voice interaction modules.
  • Using Raspberry Pi as the controller, we have upgraded the Ubuntu 20.04 ROS2 system to support Python programming and RVIZ simulation.
  • Support multiple remote control methods such as APP, handle, web pages, computer keyboards, and APP mapping navigation.
  • S1/S2 is easily completed based on ROS2 and OpenCV, with functions such as label recognition, face detection, target tracking, and visual line patrol.
  • S2 comes with a lidar and intelligent voice module, which can achieve functions such as mapping navigation, lidar avoiding and following, and voice control.

Jetbot AI Robot Car Python programming for JETSON NANO 4GB

  • Based on JETSON NANO 4GB(A02/B01/SUB), learning AI smart technology in deep.
  • A technological outlook and unique mechanical structure that can be easily assembled.
  • 3-degrees of freedom lifting platform and 8 million HD camera, real-time video transmission.
  • It can realize functions such as Autopilot, Object Tracking, Face Recognition, Color Tracking, Edge Detection and Automatic Avoiding.
  • High-brightness RGB light strips.

DOFBOT AI Vision Robotic Arm with ROS Python programming

Rich list of materials

  • Assembled Robotic arm.
  • Matching color-printed map and 4 different colors blocks.
  • PS2 gamepad.
  • 32G TF card with image system.
  • Yahboom special cooling HAT to help heat dissipation.

User-friendly detailed design

  • Users can connect network by the mobile APP QR code on APP to get started quickly.
  • OLED displays IP address and Raspberry Pi CPU related information in real time.
  • 12V 5A power adapter power supply, no battery life limit.
  • The chassis with suction cups is more stable and can be stably placed in any experimental environment at any time.

Exciting AI features

  • It can be controlled by Android/iOS APP, PC upper computer, handle, Jupyter Lab webpage online programming.
  • DOFBOT can realize Gesture recognition, color recognition, visual positioning, garbage classification, catch game, face tracking, building blocks stacking and other AI games.
  • User can make it learn to customize action groups, and complete the synchronous action of the dual robotic arm.

Excellent extensibility

  • The expansion board is compatible with Jetson NANO, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micro:bit four development boards.
  • Aluminum alloy structure is detachable, users can extend or shorten the length of the robotic arm.
  • We reserve 6 bus servo (DOBFOT only uses one) + 6 PWM servo, wireless controller receiver, WiFi/Bluetooth module, I2C and ultrasonic module interfaces.

3.Gifts for colleges ages 18+

【Christmas Gift Guide for College Students: Inspire Creativity and Light Up the Future】

Christmas is the perfect time to give a gift to electronics enthusiasts and coding enthusiasts whose passion for technology and programming is unparalleled. In this age of creativity and exploration, pick them a gift that will inspire creativity and explore the beauty of technology.

1-Innovative technological equipment
Microcontroller Kits: Choose one of the latest microcontroller kits, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi, NVIDIA Jetson NANO, to inspire their creativity and develop a variety of unique electronics projects.

Jetson Orin NX SUB Developer Kit with 8G/16GB RAM

  • The latest Orin NX carrier board is perfectly compatible with Nvidia's Jetson Orin NX core module, with reasonable layout and stable performance.
  • Developer kit includes a 256GB M.2 SSD solid-state drive, WiFi network card antenna, and power supply.
  • Compared with Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson Orin NX interface resources are optimized and upgraded, the performance is improved by 3~5 times, and the memory read and write speed is doubled.
  • Based on the Ubuntu 20.04 system, Yahboom provides many ROS and AI vision related tutorials and open source codes.

Jetson Xavier NX SUB Developer Kit with 8GM/16GB RAM (eMMC Version) 

AI-Motion K210 Developer Kit


  • Exquisite workmanship and high quality PCB board.
  • On-board a wealth of electronic components, such as three-channel switches, RGB lights, gyroscopes, speakers, ESF8285-WIFI module, OV2640 camera, etc.
  • Equipped with a capacitive touch screen that can display HD camera video and finger touch.
  • IO ports of the K210 chip are led out by the pin header, which is convenient for users to connect to other devices.


  • Supports three development environments of Windows/Linux/Mac OS.
  • Rich AI gameplay: face detection, object classification, object detection, recording and playback.
  • Can be combined with IOT to achieve remote control.
  • A lot of free tutorial materials are available for beginners.

Programming tools: Consider purchasing some advanced programming tools, such as programming software subscriptions, programming IDEs, or programming-related books, to help them learn and explore the programming world in depth.

18DOF Muto RS Hexapod Robot ROS2 for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson NANO

  • Contains 18PCS 35KG metal bus servos, depth camera, lidar, voice interaction module, large-capacity batteries and other high-quality accessories, providing Muto RS with more stable performance.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Jetson NANO, using Python3 programming, ROS2 operating systemand inverse kinematics algorithm to accurately control robot movement.
  • Functions such as 3D mapping navigation, voice interaction, synchronous control, deep learning, visual recognition, docker container development, lidar tracking and obstacle avoidance can be easily realized.
  • Yahboom provides a multi-functional remote control APP, wireless controller, and mapping navigation APP. Allows users to control Muto RS anytime and anywhere.
  • Supports RVIZ simulation, users can control robots and verify algorithms in the virtual environment.

RDK X3 ROS2 Robot Car with Mecanum Wheel

Strong computing power

Using the new RDK-X3 development board, it has enough computing resources to handle real-time data and complex computing tasks. Combining Python programming and ROS2 operating system, user can develop various intelligent algorithms.

Cost-effective hardware configuration

The car is equipped with Mecanum wheels, depth cameras, TOF lidar, which can realize map-building navigation, intelligent obstacle avoidance, gesture control, visual line inspection and other functions.

Support multiple remote control methods

Users can control the car through mobile phone APP, PS2 controller, computer keyboard, and ROS operating system. And we have also specially developed a mapping navigation APP for it, so that user can realize mapping navigation anytime.

Aluminum alloy structure, stacked structure

RDK X3 car is made of white sandblasted aluminum alloy as a whole, and the interior adopts a stacked structure. All the connecting wires are cleverly stored, making the car look beautiful and tidy as a whole.

ROSMASTER X3 ROS2 Robot with Mecanum Wheel

  • Aluminum alloy material, Mecanum wheels 360°omnidirectional movement.
  • Professional hardware configuration, lidar, depth camera, voice interaction module, etc.
  • Four controllers are available, Jetson NANO, Jeston Orin NX, Jeston Orin NANO and Raspberry Pi.
  • Using ORBSLAM2+Octomap, RRT algorithms to achieve 3D mapping navigation and autonomous positioning.
  • Combined with the voice interaction module, user can control the motion state of the robot or complete some functions through voice commands.
  • Various remote control methods such as mobile phone APP, handle, ROS system and computer keyboard.
  • 103 detailed video tutorials and open source codes, as well as professional technical support will be provided for free. 

2-Technological and creative peripherals
Electronic parts and accessories: Choose some commonly used electronic components and accessories, such as sensors, LED lights, capacitors, etc., and let them use their creativity in creative projects.

Electronics Tool Kit: Get them a portable electronics tool kit that includes soldering tools, pliers, multimeters, etc. for easy use in electronics experiments and projects.

Whatever gift you choose, let it represent your love and care for them. In this shining season, may you and your loved ones share happiness and joy together. Merry Christmas!

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