16 in 1 Building:bit Super kit for BBC Micro:bit V2/V1.5

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Controller: Without Micro:bit
Version: Standard Kit
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Jan van der Berg

I have purchased this 16 in 1 kit, and here is my opinion on this kit.
1. This kit provides a rich variety of building block components, which can easily build various robots and electronic devices. I particularly like the sensors and motor modules in it, as they can help me create more intelligent and interactive projects.

2. Programming with Microbit is very simple and interesting. The programming software interface included with the kit is clear and easy to use, suitable for beginners. I quickly got started writing my own program and controlling the behavior of building block components.

3. These LEGO building blocks are of very high quality and are very sturdy and durable. I am concerned that they may become loose or damaged, but after several months of use, they still remain in good condition without any problems.

Sarah Thompson

That's great, this kit really surprises me.
As shown in the picture, everything is in perfect condition.
But I want to know where to use it, because I am a beginner and I need to learn it myself, and then teach my son how to program.

Hello friend,
You can check this tutorial link: http://www.yahboom.net/study/buildingbit-super-kit
After you checking these tutorials, let us know, we will arrange professional technical support for you.

Tammiella William

I almost forgot this package in the corner that I bought last Christmas. Today, I opened this package with my youngest son and assembled some designs.

I like airplanes and humanoid robots, they look very cool. Microbit's graphical programming is perfect for children. If you have children at home, don't miss this kit.

A wonder

I'm wondering if this kit can make 16 different shapes?

Sandrine Bergeron

The quality of the building blocks is very good, and the design is interesting.
However I set the same speed parameters in MakeCode, but the car doesn't follow a straight line.

Hi friend,
Thanks for your support for Yahboom products.

This product uses a DC motor, which has a certain differential speed when from factory. Even the smallest differential speed can be clearly displayed after being amplified by the gearbox. Generally, it cannot travel in a straight line, and can only be adjusted through a program using PWM or a coding disc to achieve a complete straight line.

This inability to follow a straight line error is determined by the combination of the fixed driving method of the motor and the free error of the motor at the factory.

Our technical support has contacted you via email and will tell you how to adjust the parameters to achieve better results.


  • Hello What's the language for the the manuel (the guide) ?

    Hello friend, thanks for your quetsion.
    Language for the the manual is China and English. This is tutosrial link: http://www.yahboom.net/study/buildingbit-super-kit

  • Can an ultrasonic sensor be added to program the robot to avoid obstacles? If so, do I need to buy a certain one?

    Hello Friend, yes you can add ultrasonic sensor on this kit. You need prepare the following accessories.
    Ultrasonic sensor: https://category.yahboom.net/products/croco_ultrasonic
    Female to Female Dupont line: https://category.yahboom.net/products/f-f-jumpercable
    After you purchase, we will send example code to you.
    Any other problems, let me know, we will reply you ASAP.

  • The kit is amazing and I will use it in little workshops with kids! A little note: the kit was delivered with a micro:bit V2, which is great, but the tutorial web page has pre compiled hex files for v1. Could you update with universal format files?

    Thanks for you question.
    The hex file provided on our website is compatible with Micro:bit V1/v2 boards.

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