Yahboom AI-Motion K210 Developer Kit to learn AI vision technology

Yahboom AI-Motion K210 Developer Kit to learn AI vision technology

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Al-Motion K210 Developer Kit is a small full-featured development board kit developed by Yahboom and Canaan. The RISC-V processor structure adopted by K210 is specially designed for machine vision and machine hearing multi-mode shape recognition, it can be widely used in smart home, machine vision, intelligent robots, security monitoring and other fields. The development board not only contains a variety of peripherals such as capacitive touch screen,camera, micro-phone,speaker, six-axis aittitude sensor, and WIFl module, but also provides rich development materials to facilitate secondary development and learning, and lower the threshold for learning Al vision technology.




  • Exquisite workmanship and high quality PCB board.
  • On-board a wealth of electronic components, such as three-channel switches, RGB lights, gyroscopes, speakers, ESF8285-WIFI module, OV2640 camera, etc.
  • Equipped with a capacitive touch screen that can display HD camera video and finger touch.
  • IO ports of the K210 chip are led out by the pin header, which is convenient for users to connect to other devices.


  • Supports three development environments of Windows/Linux/Mac OS.
  • Rich AI gameplay: face detection, object classification, object detection, recording and playback.
  • Can be combined with IOT to achieve remote control.
  • A lot of free tutorial materials are available for beginners.


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Yahboom K210 Developer Kit 



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  • how to use MicroPython with K210 development Kit?

    Thanks for your questions.

    Where did you buy this product? Could you tell me your order number? We will check your order and provide some tutorial and file to you.

    Or you can contect us by E-mail, support@yahboom.com

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worth buying

Finally got the K210 development board, this RISC-V streamlined instruction set 64-bit microprocessor is very powerful, supports many peripherals, such as I2C, I2S, SPI, UART, etc., supports AI vision development, and the gameplay is very diverse; In this way, it can also run real-time operating systems such as Freertos and RT-Thread. I heard that Linux will be supported later. The reply from the merchant is very strong and the processing speed is very fast.