Yahboom Jetbot AI robot with HD camera coding with Python compatible with NVIDIA Jetson NANO 4GB(A02/B01)

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Controller: Without Jetson Nano 4GB B01
Version: Standard version
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Lon M. Landry
Some issues - Seller quick Response

After putting the car together I purchased this product together discovered that the product was defective. Power is not transmitted to the two right motors and the remote does not work. As for the remote, the car is picking up the signal but nothing happens. I used the app to get it to work. Seller provided instructions how rewire harness.
everything is OK now.

Great device, but some build issues

If you happen to have an Nvidia Jetson NANO board, or plan to learn some Python programming related content, this Jetbot has to be very suitable.

Even though there are many Jetbots on the market from different companies, I have to admit that Yahboom's technical support response is the fastest. I encountered some problems during the installation of the gear. Their structural engineer took me a detailed video. Thank you!!

I tested some basic functions on the hardware yesterday, and they all seem to work normally. I need to visit friends on weekends. I will continue to test this Jetbot in my lab on Monday.

Hope everything goes well. Have a nice weekend Yahboom!!

Have a nice weekend, Nuria~

Deborah Smith

It came in fast. The package very well packed and protected. Although I haven't tested all the features, everything looks good. Dolphin has provided me with very good pre-sales and after-sales services. I think the quality of the products in the store with such a good service is definitely first-class.

Well designed but...

All online instructions is mostly good. Nice clear images and video on how to put the kit together. Although there is no sound in First Trial Video, the subtitles are very clear. And a very nice touch is that the current battery level is displayed on the APP, which can give me a good reminder that I need to recharge.

But some things need to be update.
1 -- Jetbot car is very slow when it walks. It will be better if you switch to a faster motor. And after walking about 50 meters, the path of the car will deviate from a straight line, (I don’t know why)
2 -- Not compatible with Jetson NANO 2G board. At first I only had a 2G board. I had to buy a 4GB motherboard to use this car normally.
3 -- Just like other comments, if you want to realize autonomous driving well, it is best to buy a map of Yahboom. If you use autonomous driving on your own map, you need to re-collect data and train the model, which will be a challenge for beginner.

Hello Lawrence,
Thanks for your reviews.
The DC motor has a certain differential speed when it leaves the factory. Even the very small differential speed will be obvious after being amplified by the gearbox. Generally, the car can not go completely straight, and it can only be adjusted by the codes or the encoder disk. This error is determined by the fixed drive mode of the motor and the error when the motor leaves the factory.

Simone Perrotta
Good Value - Couple Small Issues

Overall, this kit is a very good value, including everything except the battery to create the Jetson Nano JetBot. Most parts are of high quality, although the speed of the car is a bit slow. It is easy to assemble, and it is really good, without any soldering. This is a very interesting project and you can do many things with it. The documentation is very good.

Couple issues & pointers, though:
1. The battery pack is included in the kit, but after three hours of use, you have to charge it. Otherwise, the car will not work normally due to insufficient power supply. I think it is possible to add a power adapter to the kit to connect directly to the power supply at home. In this way, users can debug the car for a long time.

2. Autopilot, I used my own track, and the effect was not as good as the video showed. The technical support told me that if I use a different track, I need to retrain the model. So if you want to use the autopilot function perfectly, you need to buy a map together.


  • Hi, can I remote control it through internet ? For example, control the home unit when I am in office ? Thank You !

    Thanks for your question.
    You need to ensure that the car and the mobile phone are in the same local area network, you can remotely control the robot car through mobile phone.

  • How can I stop the live camera feed in Jupyter Lab from freezing?

    About this problem. We can provide following suggestion.
    1. Before your run camera code, you need to close other process, avoid multiple processes occupying the camera module at the same time.
    2. The real-time video transmission is through the wireless network, ensure that you have a stable and fast network environment.

  • Why do you use a track wheel instead of regular wheel?

    Thanks for your question.

    The track driving process is more stable, which is more conducive to customers to complete autopilot.
    We also have a lot of wheeled cars, you can check this link: https://category.yahboom.net/collections/r-wheel-type

  • Hi. I wanted to use the app and i typed the wlan code to the app and after i clicked kn the connect button i dont see the robots camera picture. What is the problem?

    Hello Sir/madam,
    Thanks for your question, could you contact our Technical Support by E-mail? support@yahboom.com

  • If there are multiple people in front of Jetbot, which one will it choose to follow?

    Jetbot will automatically select the closest person and follow him.

  • Can I use 2GB on JETBOT?

    No, after our many tests, the CPU performance of the 2GB development board is limited and cannot handle a series of algorithms, image processing and other functions required by Jetbot.

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