Yahboom 12DOF DOGZILLA S1 Quadruped Bionic Robot Dog for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Ghjulia CHRIS
It gets 4-star

--- Beautiful, aluminum alloy material, looks very wear-resistant.
--- Comes with a wifi hotspot. After installing the Raspberry Pi, turn on the power switch and the robot dog will stand up. After about 3 minutes, you can use the APP to remotely control it, which is very responsive.
--- 12 degrees of freedom, can flexibly complete many movements.
--- The battery is only used for 1 hour after being fully charged, which is a bit short for me.
--- The price is really expensive.
--- After using it for a while, the whole body will be hot, I guess maybe this is the heat generated whne Raspberry Pi doing a lot of calculations.

Makena David
This is a dog in a metal coat

When I saw its video on Youtube, I was so excited, this should be the most beautiful desktop-level robot dog I have ever seen.
The price was really a bit expensive, but I looked at my paypal and it seemed like I could afford it, I bought it straight away. I received my package after about 6 days and everything was fine.
I'm going to take my pet dog to the park tomorrow.


  • I'm assuming an 8GB Pi will work just fine - is that true?

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. There is some time difference between us, so I can't reply to you in time.
    Of course. Raspberry Pi 8GB/4GB board can used on it. 
    Any other questions, contact me again, i will reply you ASAP.

  • What's the warranty policy for this product?

    Hello Friend, 
    Sorry for late reply.
    All our products are 90-dasy warranty for parts/repair and Lifetine free technical support.

  • Can we add our code to grant additional features for the dog?

    Hi friend,
    Yes, you can write your own code to grant additional features for the dog. And we also provide a lot of code for reference.
    Tutorial link: http://www.yahboom.net/study/DOGZILLA-S1

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