ROSMASTER X3 ROS Robot with Mecanum Wheel for Jetson NANO 4GB/Xavier NX/TX2 NX/RaspberryPi 4B

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Version: Standard-RPi 4B 4G
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Isabella Singh

I recently purchased this X3 mecanum wheel car and put it to the test for performance and functionality.

First, it's relatively easy to install and set up, even for beginners. I was able to get it assembled and up and running in no time. It also comes with an instruction manual, which is not perfect, but it was very helpful for me.
The running stability of the car is satisfactory. Its mecanum wheel design makes it have excellent handling ability and can travel flexibly on different grounds. I've found that it performs really well indoors and on flat surfaces.

However, I also noticed some room for improvement.
First, the battery life of the car is limited and needs to be recharged frequently. I wish it had longer battery life so I could make better use of it for various tasks.
Second, while the car handles well, it doesn't perform well on uneven ground. When encountering raised or irregular ground, its stability will be affected to a certain extent, requiring more adjustment and balance.

Eudora Sage Peterson
I like this Raspberry pi lidar Mecanum wheel car!

Its design is very exquisite and can be controlled through Raspberry Pi, achieving various complex movements. The car is equipped with lidar sensors, which can accurately perceive the surrounding environment and respond accordingly, making it very suitable for robot research or autonomous navigation. Moreover, the car is designed with Mecanum wheel, which can easily realize translation, rotation and other motion modes, and is very suitable for a variety of experiments and research.
That's a good robot car.

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

The build quality is top-notch and the functionality is impressive. The ability to control the movement of the car in any direction is a game-changer.
I choose Jetson NANO version, Jetson nano board provides the necessary computing power to run complex algorithms and machine learning models, making this car an excellent platform for robotics research and development. The included software and documentation make it easy to get started with this car, even for beginners.
It's definitely a five-star product!

Agualina Smith
Missing speech module. But robot is ok

I bought the NX ultimate version but the voice module not seem, I was pissed and wanted to contact Yahboom to get my voice module, but I found an email from Yahboom a few days ago in my mailbox.
They tell me that the voice module is in production and needs to be shipped later. Well, I'll accept this.
The wiring was a bit complicated for me, it took my friend and I about an hour to assemble and wire. Because we are worried about connecting the wrong wire and damaging the PCB board, we have checked it many times.
After connecting the battery, the car was started normally, and we used the APP to remotely control it, which attracted many children in the park.
Everything looks fine, I hope to receive my voice module sooner.

Jussi Hellstén
X3 Mecanum Wheel Car

I'm a retired engineer, I saw this X3 Mecanum wheel trolley on Facebook and after thinking about it for a long time I decided to buy it here.

Yahboom sent me an email and a photo of the package the day after I placed the order, I was pleasantly surprised by such a service, after all I bought products from other websites before and they wouldn't show me the package until it shipped.

I received the package after about 6 days. Fast logistics makes me happy.
When I opened the package, black sponges were placed all around the box, and even after a long journey, none of the parts were damaged.
The assembly is really complicated, it took me two hours to put it together, it has complicated wiring, you have to be patient to do all the wiring.
I'm traveling this week, and I'll be back home about next week to continue testing it.

The five-star review is only for Yahboom's service, and when I'm done testing, I'll update my review based on the actual situation.


  • are the tutorial videos available in exnglis?

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your question. 
    Yes, tutorials have English version. You can check this link:

  • Hello, what does "without controller" mean? Then how is the robot controlled? Thanks

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your question. This robot car controller have Jetson NANO 4GB, Jetson Xavier NX,Jetson TX2 NX and RaspberryPi 4B for choice.
    1. These controller is the main control board, equivalent to the brain of a car. If there is no controller, the car cannot function properly and programming cannot be achieved.
    2. You can choose one based on your own needs and budget.

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