Yahboom Tiny:bit smart robot car compatible with Micro:bit V2/1.5 board

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Bitbot review by Honestips

We liked:
* Ideal introduction to projects based on the Micro:bit board.
* Useful STEM tool to introduce children to robotics and programming.
* Special shape and easy to assemble.

We didn’t like:
* The infrared remote control sometimes it does not respond accurately.

Cedric Esposito
Prezzo abbordabile e molte funzionalità

- prezzo
- funzioni (riconoscimento linea, buzzer, sensore luminosità, sensore prossimità)
- discreta espandibilità del rover
- ecosistema Microbit
- graduale nella complessità del codice
- ricchezza di istruzioni e manuali

- non adatto quanto qualche concorrente ai bambini sotto i 10 anni

Jessie Benson
The smallest and cutest smart car I have ever seen

OMG, this guy is the same size as my palm!!!!
So cute. The small size allows it to travel in any small place, which is impossible for other cars. My son likes this car, 8-year-old boy is learning programming, and it seems that this car is very suitable for him. Block holes are reserved on the PCB, we made a "block Tiny:bit", FUNNNY

Bert Smith
Shipping quickly. everything is OK

When the BBC Microbit is out of stock globally, Yahboom can quickly ship my order (Tiny:bit 20pcs, 16 in 1super:kit 10PCS), which surprised me and my colleagues.
My package enjoys free shipping. It only took 5 days for DHL to deliver the package to our school.
On August 5th, our STEM class will officially start. I believe 8-9 year olds will like this cute programming robot car.
Wow~Everything is OK!

Sampson Garcia
Cheap but very interesting Microbit car, my daughter very very very likes it

I have a 9-year-old daughter who likes electronics and coding. This car was her birthday present last month, and when she received it, she was excited all night. She started using this car the next day. Girl mastered MakeCode graphical programming proficiently. She also installed a lot of building blocks on the car and created some special shapes. I had to admire the children's imagination.

Next month, she plans to learn more difficult and complex Python programming. Compared to game consoles, I hope that 9-year-old children will have more exposure to programming. Thanks to Yahboom for developing such a perfect product.

Even if everything is fine, I still have to make some suggestions.
1. It would be better if every course was taught by video.
2. After using for a period of time, the trolley cannot go straight. I know this is caused by the motor itself and other factors. But I think it is possible to switch to a motor with better accuracy.


  • Hi Is this compatible with the first version of BBC Microbit

    Yes. this car compatible with Micro:bit V1/V2.

  • Hello! Is there some input left to add another sensor?

    Thanks for your question.
    This car comes with many sensors, such as ultrasonic, infrared remote control receiver, sound sensor, tracking sensor and so on. We have reserved 4 alligator clip ports at its tail, which can be used to connect other sensors. I
    If you want to carry out more extended experiments, we recommend you to use this car, it has more interfaces for external module.
    Link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/bitbot

  • ¿Does the product provides any way to charge de battery? and how .

    Thanks for your question.
    This product is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The kit includes a Micro USB cable for charging and downloading programs.
    Robot car can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of the computer by Micro USB cable.

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