BBC offical new micro:bit V2 board

BBC offical new micro:bit V2 board

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Micro:bit board is designed by BBC which aims to help children at or above 7 grade to learn programming better. Micro:bit board has abundant board resources, including a 5*5 LED metric dot array, 2 programmable buttons, Compass, USB ports, Bluetooth module etc.. It is only pocket size but very powerful. You can programming, customize or control it as well.

The latest Micro:bit V2 board comes with a touchable Logo and MEMS microphone on the front. A speaker is added on the back, so all kinds of sounds can be played without external equipment. The gold finger at the bottom adds a gear design to facilitate the user to better fix the alligator clip. In addition, the 2nd generation Micro:bit board also support sleep mode. Users can make it enter sleep mode by long pressing the reset button, which can reduce power consumption. The most important feature is that the CPU performance of the Micro:bit V2 board is much better than the V1 version, coupled with more RAM. So Micro:bit V2 allow users to expand more functions and create more creative works.


  • BBC Micro:bit is one of the most popular STME education products in the world.
  • The size is relatively small, it comes with abundant resources.
  • It supports multiple programming languages such as, MakeCode/JavaScript/Python.
  • It can transmit data through its built-in Bluetooth/wireless function.
  • Compared with other controllers, Micro:bit programming operation steps are simpler, which is suitable for beginners and young children.
  • Users can build robot cars or learning kits based on it.


    Package list

    The following packages based on Micro:bit V2 board

    V2 Separate board

    V2 Basic USB package

    V2 Basic stroage package


    V2 Basic shell package

    V2 Basic battery package

    V2 Basic:bit package

    V2 Super:bit package

    Omni:bit robot car + Micro:bit V2

    Building:bit super kit + Micro:bit V2


    Wrist:bit programmable watch + Micro:bit V2

     Micro:bit basic handle + Micro:bit V2

    Croco:Kit + Micro:bit V2

    Tiny:bit + Micro:bit V2



    Yahboom Micro:bit board

    Yahboom Basic:bit expansion board

    Yahboom Super:bit expansion board

    Yahboom Wrist:bit programmable watch 

    Yahboom Basic handle

    Yahboom Building:bit super kit

    Yahboom Croco:kit sensor kit

    Yahboom Tiny:bit robot car

    Yahboom Omni:bit robot car


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Precious Microbit V2

    In the case of global shortage, Yahboom is still selling BBC Micro:bit V2, so i am very surprised.

    I bought it decisively, and my son can learn programming happily.

    BBC micro:bit V2

    Good board, arrived fast, the price is ok

    Exactly What You Would Expect from V2

    I decided to upgrade my classroom set of micro:bits from v1 to v2. They are perfect! The "Out of Box Experience" program is new and includes sounds that inspire ideas for projects. I am looking forward to updating my curriculum to use them. Yahboom delivered them from China to the U.S. in a very short amount of time, so I was up and running shortly after the release date of v2.


    BBC offical new micro:bit V2 board

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