World of Module Series optional building block sensor kit compatible with Micro:bit V2/V1.5 Arduino UNO Raspberry Pi Pico

World of Module Series optional building block sensor kit compatible with Micro:bit V2/V1.5 Arduino UNO Raspberry Pi Pico

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This building block sensor starter kit possess 19 kinds of sensor modules, 3 kinds of expansion boards, and a building block package for choice. Users can freely combine these parts according to their needs. Each module comes with a blue and white ABS case, which supports the connection of Lego bricks, which can create a series of creative shapes. The modules are connected by anti-reverse PH2.0 cable, beginners no longer have to worry about using breadboards to build tedious and complicated circuit wiring. By choosing different expansion boards, you can use Micro:bit, Arduino or Raspberry Pi Pico three platforms to programming and realize some funny functions. At the same time, we will also provide a lot of tutorials and source code for reference.



  • 19 kinds of modules 

     1) 4 kinds of key input modules: button module, potentiometer module, rocker module, collision module.

     2) 9 kinds of sensor modules: gesture recognition module, human body infrared module, infrared module, photosensitive module, sound module, temperature-humidity module, ultrasonic module, vibration module, color recognition module.

     3) 2 kinds of display modules: digital tube module, RGB module.

     4) 1 kind of remote communication module: infrared receiving module.

     5) 1 kind of motor drive module: vibration motor module

     6) 2 kinds of voice interaction modules: buzzer module, speech broadcast module.

  • 3 kinds of expansion boards

      1) Micro:bit expansion board: suitable for Micro:bit board, using MakeCode graphical programming, suitable for young children.

      2) Arduino sensor expansion board: suitable for Arduino UNO board, using Arduino IDE C++ programming, suitable for students with programming experience.

      3) Pico expansion board: suitable for Pico board, using Python programming, suitable for Raspberry Pi fans.

  • Compatible with Lego blocks

     1) A building block expansion package is available.

  • Use anti-reverse PH2.0 cable

      1) Buy any module and get a 30cm PH2.0 cable for free.

      2) Easy to plug, and can avoid users connecting the line wrongly.

  • Environmentally friendly and beautiful private mode case

      1) Perfectly compatible with every module and does not affect any wiring.

      2) Using ABS material, beautiful and durable.

      3) Block holes are reserved on the bottom and around the case, which can be fixed on the blocks.


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Ask a Question
  • What is the working range of the color recognition module?

    Thanks for your question.
    The detection distance of the color recognition module is about 0~3cm.

  • How to buy All modules , 1 basic building block and 3 kinds of expansion boards

    You can choose "All module+Building block pack+3 expansion board" option. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Different sensor modules and support building blocks

At first I thought these modules were expensive and not worth buying.

But my 8-year-old son, Tom, likes these small squares very much, and he said he wants to be a summer gift. So I bought 19 modules and a Micro:bit expansion board for him. After receiving the package, each module is placed in a separate box, with its own packaging bag, wiring, and building block parts. It is worth the price!!!!

Now they are my son's favorite toys.

Lin Hui
great quality modules that is very useful to build with building blocks

Quality is good, modules are working great
Could use more connecting holes on the modules so that it is easier to connect; especially a L-shaped one so it is easier to make the build stable.
The PH2.0 connector is great but can be slightly difficult to take out. Would be great if there are PH2.0 to dupont cables so that it can be used easily with Super:Bit.

Reed Kenneth

There are still few pico expansion boards on market.
I feel lucky to find it here.
I bought the module with Pico expansion board.
It looks pretty good.
Express delivery is much faster than I thought.

Debra McCusker
Not bad sensor module

Packing the black sensor in a blue and white shell will attract the children's attention even more. I bought many sensors and Micro:bit sensor expansion boards for the children in the lab class.
It seems that the children like them and have done many interesting experiments with this cute “guy”.

Lori Feldman W
Great assortment of sensors. Good for learning different sensors

Arrived on time. item as described. Happy with Purchase.
This is a great starter kit to complement the micro:bit. It has a lot of components and comes with instructions and ideas on building projects. All components worked properly and everything is compatible with the micro:bit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi