Yahboom DOFBOT AI Vision Robotic Arm with ROS Python programming for Nvidia Jetson NANO 4GB B01

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Version: Without Jetson NANO 4GB B01
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Bauer Sebastian
I like this green guy, but a bit expensive

I like it very much, but the price is a bit expensive. However, Yahboom after-sales service and technical support are really considerate and timely.
For technical support and service, I give a 5-star review, and I am willing to give a high review for the product, but I think the price is a bit expensive.
From Bauer Sebastian(Mumbai, India)

Blake Johnson
Get started for AI learning with this Jeston robotic arm

I bought this robotic arm to learn Python programming, and obviously this robotic arm is very suitable. According to the instructions, I can complete all the functions on the APP normally, including garbage identification, color tracking, and learning action group. But with regard to the catch game, I always can't do it well, it seems that it requires some know-how. Hahaha~ I don't want to be bitten by a snake.

I’m about to start learning every Python course next week. I borrowed a display mouse and keyboard from my uncle’s house and connected it to the Jetson NANO board. It looks so cool.

Hope everything goes well.

Jay Norton
As a robotic arm enthusiast, I think it is worth the price. But the gesture recognition

Very satisfied for Yahboom service, so I wrote this review.

-- About shipping: Like everyone else, I shopp on an unfamiliar website. What I worry about most is not receiving the package in time or being cheated by the seller. After I placed the order, I received the package from DHL about 6 days later, which surprised me. The box is very sturdy. All the parts are neatly arranged in the black sponge. They all have their place.

--- About the shape and structure:Linke video. It is made of aluminum alloy as a whole (very handsome). Unfortunately, pictures cannot be added here. high-torque servos, which look good quality. Yahboom also prepared suction cups to fix the robotic arm. I have to say that their details are very nice.

--- About APP control: All functions can be implemented perfectly, except for gesture recognition, which will cause lag. Technical support told me that because gesture recognition needs to be implemented based on Baidu database, it may be due to unstable service that I am abroad. But I don't really accept this reason. I am improving the code for gesture recognition. If there is any breakthrough, I will share my results here.

After I modified the code for gesture recognition, I plan to buy the Jetbot AI car. Its function of following people and autopilot looks really attractive.
Good luck~

Esteban Martinez Vega
Excellent Robot

I'm excited, to give it to my son, my intention is to motivate him in artificial intelligence, and I would love if he could program with the jetson nano card and do other activities, apart from those that include the DOFBOT robot.

T. Randolph
As shown in the comments and advertisements, the robotic arm is excellent.

The robot arm is assembled as a whole. I just spent a while installing the expansion board, motherboard and camera module. After inserting the TF card provided in the kit, after normal power supply, the cooling fan on the Jetson NANO board starts to rotate. (Unfortunately, this is not an adjustable speed fan, it is just an ordinary fan).

I found a network cable, plugged it into the Jetson board, and the Le IP address was displayed on the OLED display. I quickly connected the mobile phone and controlled the robotic arm. Among them, the No. 6 servo could not be controlled normally. I plugged and unplugged all the wires, and it turned out to be better.


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