Yahboom DOFBOT AI Vision Robotic Arm with ROS Python programming for Jetson NANO 4GB(B01/SUB)

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Joan Bass

When I bought the robotic arm, I bought 3 additional steering gears as spare parts.
I hope they will never be used. Good luck to me.

Viann Tang

This is a 6-DOF manipulator, and the quality of the steering gear looks very good.

I received my package the day before Christmas, which was delivered faster than I expected. Thank Yahboom for using DHL instead of some slower logistics companies.
The whole thing is assembled. I just installed the Jetson NANO board at my home, and the robot arm can work.

However, Yahboom does not provide batteries, which makes it impossible for me to use it outdoors. I plan to purchase a battery for this project.

Great Customer Support and Topnotch Product

This time I would like to give a fair feedback. A definite room for improvement by their international delivery partner here in NZ is needed thru a reliable track and trace system and "setting expected delivery delay times" (even on holidays).

Though, in terms of overall service, build, and quality… from Yahboom… the DOFBOT AI Vision Robotic Arm is such “topnotch educational product”. I have been enjoying and learning a lot of stuff with it at the moment. Just want to say, thank you for the great customer support and the great product! All the best!

juvenal W
Not perfect but the service of the staff is good

I am an ultimate Nvidia user. I own almost all Nvidia boards, NANO, NX, TX2, AGX Xavier, etc.
This is my first programming robot. I have high expectations for it, and overall I am satisfied with this robot.
But it does have some shortcomings. For example, after controlling for a period of time, the wiring on the robotic arm may have poor contact. I have to re-plug the wiring between the servos to ensure the connection is stable, and then control. As mentioned in one of the comments, there is no battery in the kit and I can only use it at home, so it is unlikely that you will use it outdoors unless you have a power supply with sufficient voltage and current.
By the way, yahboom service is the best I have ever encountered. It's hard for me to believe that in this impatient society, I can get such a good service.

Bronw BV
I like its appearance

The green aluminum alloy shape allows it to be well hidden in the jungle. If it can move around, it will be more perfect.


  • can we possible to give power supply for robotic arm through battery .can it withstand the power from battery directly.

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for you question.
    The maximum voltage that the robotic arm can withstand is 12.6V, and the maximum current is 4A. You can use battery.
    Any problems, you can contact us by E-mail support@yahboom.com

  • are there any programming tutorials to run custom python code or deploy own custom vision AI model to change gesture and how the robot behaves based on commands?

    Thanks for your question.
    Yes, We will provide tutorials in details, you can check this tutorials link: http://www.yahboom.net/study/Dofbot-Jetson_nano
    And you will provide professional technical support and after-sales service.

  • Does it support ROS2, I see new changes in RoS1 and ROS2 library, is the robot arm able to upgrade to ROS2?

    Thanks for your question.
    I am sorry. Currently this robot does not support ROS2, once we have any updates, I will let you know by email.

  • is arm can control by pthon programming? i am not sure, have pthon lib ? thanks!

    Yes. It can control by pthon programming.
    We provide python library and python code.

  • I think my kids got the gear elements a bit twisted or something on the "pinchy bit". Right now it works _sometimes_ to open and close, but very often will lock up and click. When the power is off I can feel some tension while opening and closing the pincher manually, where that action was nice and smooth when it was new. Is it possible to buy a replacement for just that component, or is there any guidance on repair for this issue? Overall very satisfied with the unit, and this issue is related to severe abuse not to any defect :) Thanks!

    Thanks for your support to Yahoom products.
    Could you contact us by E-mail? support@yahboom.com
    Our technical support will reply and help you solve the problem ASAP.

  • What is the maximum gripper stroke range? Can I increase it?

    Thanks for your question.
    You can buy following servo part to increase the length of the robotic arm and add one or two more servo (joints). If you add more, due to the torque problem, the lowermost servo may not have enough power to raise the entire robotic arm.
    DOFBOT AI Robotic arm link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/dofbot-jetson_nano
    Servo part link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/15kg-serial-bus-servo

  • how can a serial servo be replaced. Where is the software/firmware for the YB-EVV01 board?

    Sorry for late reply. We are spending the National Day holiday, so i didn't check and reply you in time.
    We can't add some attachments here, so you can contact our technical support by E-mail support@yahboom.com
    They will reply you in details. Thanks in advance.

  • Does a more detailed dimensioned drawing exist? Also, is there a summary of the Python modules available?

    Hello friend,
    Please contact us by E-mail support@yahboom.com we can send file here.

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