Building you own ROS robot car with Yahboom top-quality parts.

If you are looking for some accessories to create your own ROS programming car, Yahboom website is a good choice.

We have many high-quality accessories that can help you build a complete ROS programming car system, so that your programming car can run smoothly.

As we all know, ROS programming car is an advanced robot system that can realize autonomous navigation and automatic control. It is usually composed of multiple components, including main control board, motor, sensor, camera, wheel, etc. These components work together to enable your programming cart to achieve various tasks and functions.

In Yahboom store, we have many high-quality ROS programming car accessories to choose from. The following are some accessories we particularly recommend.

Part1---Main control board

The main control board is equivalent to the brain of the car. It allows your programming car to communicate with the ROS system to achieve many functions.

We have a variety of different boards for choices, which can meet your different needs and budgets.

Jetson NANO (B01/SUB)

An entry-level AI development board with low power consumption and price is suitable for beginners and individual project development. Its disadvantage is that its performance is relatively weak and it cannot handle large or high-intensity AI tasks. It is applicable to students, educational institutions, personal lovers and developers of small projects.

Jetson TX2 NX

It with better computing performance and larger storage space, and is suitable for medium-scale and complex AI applications. Its disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, and it is not suitable for individual enthusiasts and developers of low budget projects. Applicable to developers of enterprises and research institutions.

Jetson Xavier NX

It is a high-end AI development board with the most powerful computing performance and storage space. It is suitable for processing large-scale and high-intensity AI tasks, such as deep learning and computer vision. Its disadvantages are relatively high price, high power consumption and high power supply and cooling system. It is applicable to developers of high-end applications, research institutions and enterprises.

Part2---Motor and Drive Board

The motor and driver board are the core components of the programming car, which can make the programming car move and turn. We have a variety of different motors and drives to choose from, including stepper motors, DC motors, drives and encoders. Our motors and drives have high quality and reliability, which can make your programming car run smoothly.

1) 520 DC Gear Motor with Encoder

This 520 motor have 205RPM /333RPM/550RPM for choice. It is equipped with a high-precision magnetic encoder, with excellent motor performance, surpassing stepping motors and other ordinary motors. High quality carbon brushes and all metal gears inside the motor have high reliability.

2) 310 DC Gear Motor with Encoder

This 310 DC motor is small in size, light in weight and stable in speed. It is composed of metal shell, pure copper coil rotor, high-quality carbon brush, D-shaped bearing and all-metal reduction box, which has good stability and reliability. It is equipped with a Hall encoder, which can detect the rotation direction and speed of the motor through AB two-phase output pulse signal. 

3) TT DC Gear Motor with high-quality carbon brushes

The motor is made of all environment-friendly materials, equipped with high-quality carbon brush, strong magnetic core and shielding ring. Compared with other motors, it is cheap, cost-effective and suitable for users with limited funds.

4)  TT DC Gear Reduced Motor with Encoder

These high-quality TT motors are equipped with high-precision Hall sensors for accurate speed measurement. Strong anti-interference ability, stable speed, support PID control. Black 13-line and blue 3-line are available.

5) ROS robot expansion board

This Robot control board is not only a ROS car driver board, but also a STM32 core development board. It integrates STM32 core control unit, MPU9250 nine-axis attitude sensor and other components, and provides four-way encoder motor, four-way PWM servo, serial bus servo, RGB light bar and other peripheral interfaces. It can communicate and supply power with main control boards such as Raspberry Pi, JETSON series boards, and industrial computers. If you want to build a ROS robot or a smart car, it will be a good choice.

6) 2-Channel Motor Drive Module

This dual-channel motor drive module is designed based on AT8236 chip, which can drive 2-channel motors with Hall encoder at the same time. Supports 5-12V voltage power input and has input anti-reverse connection protection. At the same time, it has its own voltage stabilizing circuit, which supports 5V/3A high current or 3.3V/500mA output for power supply of the main board. The rated driving current of single-circuit motor is 3.6A, and the maximum peak current can reach 6A. It possess over-current protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage locking, over-temperature protection circuit, etc. On-board VM voltage detection circuit can read the power supply voltage in real time. At the same time, it supports cascade power supply between multiple modules to realize 2WD/4WD and other smart car.

Part3---Wheel or Tyre

Our wheels are made of high-quality materials and manufacturing technology, which can withstand the test of heavy pressure and various environmental conditions. It has excellent anti-friction and stability, ensuring that your programming car can run smoothly and accurately, even in high-speed and complex terrain.

1) Mecanum Wheel

Mecanum wheel is a special wheel drive system, which was invented by Canadian engineer John Macnab in 1958. It is usually composed of four wheels. Each wheel has a 45-degree bulge, which enables the vehicle to move in four directions without changing its direction, and also to rotate and translate. The unique driving mode of McNamm wheel makes it widely used in robots, forklifts and other equipment requiring precise control and flexible movement. It is also widely used in some competitive robot competitions because it can achieve very fast and flexible movement and has excellent steering performance. 

2) Ordinary Tyre

These rubber tires are high-quality wheels that provide excellent traction and stability to help the smart car move and navigate on various surfaces. This kind of tire is made of wear-resistant rubber material, can withstand high wear and friction, and has excellent anti-skid performance, and can provide excellent traction and control under various terrain and conditions.

 Application of Tyres on Car 


Part4---Depth Camera

The application of depth camera in ROS programming car is extremely important. It can provide the vehicle with accurate spatial perception ability, so that the car can accurately perceive the distance, depth and object contour of the surrounding environment, so as to better realize the functions of obstacle avoidance, navigation, recognition and positioning. The depth camera can also help the car realize advanced human-computer interaction and perception, such as detecting facial expressions, gestures and gestures, so as to better respond to human commands and needs. In the ROS programming environment, the depth camera interface and driver have been widely supported and applied, enabling developers to easily use the depth camera for programming and development. Therefore, the depth camera is one of the key components to realize the intelligent and autonomous car.

1) Intel RealSense Depth Camera

  • Powerful visual processor.
  • High-resolution image sensor.
  • Dedicated color image signal processor.
  • Support the new cross-platform open source Intel RealSense SDK 2.0.
  • D435i D455 D435 D415 for choice.

 2) Astra Pro Realsense RGBD Depth Camera

This ROS real-sensing depth camera comes with a color camera(RGB), IR camera, infrared projector, and depth processor. With dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human skeleton recognition, 3D measurement, environment perception, 3D mapping navigation, etc., it can be widely used in TV, mobile phone, robot, drone, VR/AR, smart home and other fields. 

Part5---Lidar and other sensor

The lidar module can provide high-precision environmental awareness. By using the lidar module, the car can obtain the distance, speed, direction and other information of the surrounding objects, and transmit these information to the ROS system for processing. In the ROS system, various algorithms and technologies can be used to analyze lidar data, such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, etc., so as to achieve autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, path planning and other functions. Therefore, the lidar module is one of the core components of the ROS programming car to achieve intelligence, and plays a very important role.

1) LD06 LD19 LD300 Lidar 


The LD06 ranging core adopts DTOF technology to measure 4500 times each second. 12m measuring radius, 30000lux resistance to strong light, 4500HZ measurement frequency, 360° scanning range, Laser safety (FDA Class I, (TOF)flight time ranging, Small size, easy to install, 10000h service life.

2) MS200 TOF Lidar

The size of this MS200 laser lidar is 3.3cm*3.7cm. It is light and compact, and can be easily installed on any devices. It adopts the TOF ranging principle, scanning radius up to 12M, and can effectively sense the environmental information in the far direction, which is applicable to most indoor and outdoor scenes.

3) Slamtec RPLIDAR Lidar

SLAM lidar is currently the most popular and cost-effective lidar in the open source hardware field. It possess excellent quality, support 360° scanning and distance measurement.

These lidar are divided into 6 different models, each of which has a different shape and performance, and users can choose according to their requirements.

4) YDLIDAR X3 Lidar

Compared with other lidar modules on the market, this YDLIDARX3 lidar is more cost-effective. Using triangular ranging technology and serial communication, the detection radius is about 8m, which is enough for indoor projects. It comes with a motor driver that can automatically adjust the scanning frequency, and the sampling frequency is 3000 times per second. 

In addition to these accessories, our store also provides some tutorials and guides to help you better understand the use of ROS programming cars and accessories. Our customer service team is also very happy to answer your questions and provide technical support. 

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