Where to find more informations of Raspberry Pi?

For newcomers to Raspberry Pi, there are always many problems when using Raspberry Pi board or robot car based on Raspberry Pi. Today, we will recommend some communities and forums to you. When Pi users encounter any problems in building the development environment or implementing the Raspberry Pi projects, you can get more help from these websites.

Website-1: https://www.raspberrypi.org/

This website brings together Raspberry Pi lovers and geeks from all over the world. In the community, we uploaded various projects based on Raspberry Pi and some basic operations. For example, how to install the Raspberry Pi system? How to adjust the time zone in the system.

This website also contains many more difficult questions. If you encounter some questions about Raspberry Pi, you can search related posts and follow the operation to solve the problem.

Website-2: https://opensource.com/tags/raspberry-pi

Opensource.com is a community service project provided by Red Hat (New York Stock Exchange: RHT). You can find many guiding posts, including: Getting Started Guide, excellent projects, resource updates, and so on. It is very suitable for beginners and also focuses on open source projects. The layout of the webpage is very good, and you can see the list of items very intuitively.

Website-3: https://www.instructables.com/circuits/raspberry-pi/projects/

Lnstructables is a website for users to learn and share DIY. It is jointly maintained by users from all over the world. By displaying DIY, users can share their creative imagination, curiosity and work results. In this community, you can see a wide variety of raspberry pie projects, autonomous cars, etc.

Website-4: https://www.hackster.io/raspberry-pi/projects

Hackster is an open source website with various platforms. Many users have been committed to sharing open source projects, including deep learning, neural network, video processing, ROS robot development, etc. Almost all projects have source code sharing, which is very suitable for learning together.

Website-5: https://github.com/

GitHub is a hosting platform for open source and private software projects. Many well-known scholars and companies are using GitHub to manage the code base and project deployment. Therefore, you can search a lot of excellent open source projects and tutorial materials of Raspberry Pi, such as using Raspberry Pi and TensorFlow to realize the automatic driving of cars on the track, and smart home control platform based on Raspberry Pi, You can use and download these items for free on the premise of complying with the license.

Website-6: https://www.reddit.com/r/raspberrypi/

Reddit is a social news site. Users can browse and submit links to content on the Internet or publish their own original or user-submitted text posts. Many Raspberry Pi customers will also share many of their creative projects here, or share some solutions to problems encountered in the process of using Raspberry Pi.

The above are some commonly used Raspberry Pi websites. If you have more recommended websites and forums, please let more people know in the comment area.



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