How to create a light painting based on Microbit?

In this era full of creativity and infinite possibilities, some DIY enthusiasts and makers always like to create some interesting and beautiful works.

Today I will share how to make the recently popular colorful light painting.

Item List

BBC Micro:bit board *1

Yahboom Micro:bit expansion board *1

Battery *1

Dupont line *N

Micro USB cable *1

RGB Light strip *4

Picture cards *N

Frames *1

Assemble the picture frame and RGB light strip

Step-1: Paste the RGB light strip on the back panel of the screen. As shown below.


Step-2: Put picture card into frames

Step-3: Complete the wiring between the Microbit expansion board and the light strip 

Step-4: Install the back panel of the picture frame


Step-6: Wirte code

Click this link:

You can check this project complete MakeCode hex file. 

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