Yahboom Micro:bit RGB LED halo expansion board compatible with Micro:bit V1.5/V2

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Jason RO.l
Nice lightshow, great companion to micro:bit

This is a great expansion board for the micro:bit. I put it on our tree with rotating rainbow lights and breathing Christmas colors while the micro:bit display says 2021. My kids love it. It's a good demonstration for kids of the power of a little bit of coding.

it is affordable and best in the market.

If you are looking for something to teach coding to youth, one way to prevent them get bored, using Yahboom products to instill their little interest. Light, color, sound are kids flavor.

richard mcewan
Looks nice but with these thumbs I broke the microphone

Got the lights working. Looks very pretty. Unfortunately it looks like I broke the resistor/diode/tiny connector on the back for the microphone when fitting it together. Hence the microphone is not working. I shall try again. Be useful if anyone can post some sample python code or direct me to appropriate libraries for using the microbit.

Mr. Ted R. Gagliano
What a nice product!

Now I can do light shows. Needs an external power pack. Draws quite a bit of power.

Very cool - makes an awesome light show!

I've only used this with the arduino so far, not the microbit, but it has the same cool lighting effects. It's very easy to custom program any light effects you want - chase sequence, rainbow, theater light effect, etc - and it's surprisingly so bright! I soldered 3 wires to it to connect to the arduino, but the microbit doesn't require that. Either way its incredibly easy to connect.


  • I did the musical rhythm in the tutorial(2.6), and the light was really choppy when I played the music. It did not look like the one in the demo video. How do I make it less choppy?

    Hello Friend,
    Please contact our Technical Support by E-mail support@yahboom.com
    He will help you to solve the problem ASAP.

  • Do I need to attach anything to the halo for the micro:bit to be connected, or does it get connected through the screws?

    Hello Friend. Thanks for your question.
    You didn't need anything to the halo for the micro:bit to be connected, it get connected through the screws we provided.

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