Yahboom Micro:bit RGB LED halo expansion board

Yahboom Micro:bit RGB LED halo expansion board

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This product includes two AAA batteries you need in your experiment. The expansion board integrates 24 programmable RGB lights and microphones, and you can control the on-board RGB lights by the microphone. We also designed the corresponding acrylic plate and screw to hold the micro:bit and battery. The Arduino interface allows the aura expansion board to support the Arduino controller. In addition, the expansion board is designed with LEGO building blocks, which can also be used by building block fans.


  • 24 high brightness programmable RGB lights, onboard microphone.
  • Beautiful and high-quality acrylic fixing plate.
  • Partial micro:bit and Arduino program are available.
  • Compatible with LEGO block.


Size: 88.1mm(Diameter)

Weight: 17.9g


Package list

Standard version:

1 x RGB LED expansion board

1 x Micro:bit fixed plate (acrylic)

1 x Micro USB cable

n x Fixing screw


With battery

4 x Battery fixing plate (acrylic)

1 x Battery box

2 x AAA battery



RGB LED expansion board

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
What a nice product!

Now I can do light shows. Needs an external power pack. Draws quite a bit of power.

Very cool - makes an awesome light show!

I've only used this with the arduino so far, not the microbit, but it has the same cool lighting effects. It's very easy to custom program any light effects you want - chase sequence, rainbow, theater light effect, etc - and it's surprisingly so bright! I soldered 3 wires to it to connect to the arduino, but the microbit doesn't require that. Either way its incredibly easy to connect.