Yahboom G1 AI vision smart tank robot kit with WiFi video camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Controller: Without Raspberry Pi board
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Yahboom G1 AI vision smart tank robot kit with WiFi video camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

This Kit is very useful to learn Python coding, object tracking, camera control, VNC, and so on.

Cris Trevino
It’s good

It was easy to assemble but the camera mount could be better and the wiring can be difficult

Sandor Galor
I like its blue aluminum alloy

I have been using this tank for nearly a month.

1) The assembly process is not easy, it took me about one hour to complete the assembly, and some screws were left. I guess it should be provided by Yahboom (which is good).
2) Different types of screws are packed in small package with different serial numbers, in order to save the time of looking for screws.
3) The quality of aluminum alloy is good, and it is easy to be scratched by screws during installation.

1) The 18650 battery pack included in the kit seems to be safer and more durable than 3 batteries.
2) The motor is very large and heavy, and it looks like it can be used for a long time, but if the welding place can be reinforced, it will be more secure.

APP remote control:
1) What puzzles me is that Yahboom uses a Bluetooth module for communication. Don't you know that the Raspberry Pi board comes with Bluetooth? If you use the Bluetooth function that comes with the Raspberry Pi motherboard, it can reduce the cost.
2) All functions on the APP can be implemented normally, I am very satisfied.

Good product and technical support of the Yahboom store will make you enjoy shopping

I am a retired physics teacher. In order to make my free time not boring, I started to study the smart car. After two months, I found that I was more and more interested in these guys. So last week I saw a video of a tank lawn repairer on Facebook, and then I bought the Raspberry Pi Tank on this website.

I only know a little about Raspberry Pi and Linux system. It is a challenge for us to fully learn to control this tank through programming, but Yahboom's technical support remotely showed me how to write image file to TF card and how to run code on JupyterLab. She is very patient.

Even if there is a time difference of more than 10 hours between China and the USA, she always responds to me within 12 hours, even in the evening time in China.

It works well

Last month my best friend Sam 20th birthday, he is a programming robot lover, i bought this tank and gave it to him.
He said: "I like its cool appearance". Sam plans to transform it into a lawn mower, wish success !!!


  • Hi! I lost the charger for the batteries what V & A charger should I be looking for? Thank you

    The charger parameters used in our car are as follows:
    OUTPUT: 8.4V 1A

  • HI again! I just want to know how far can it go before losing connection with the phone controller? Thanks!

    I am sorry for my misunderstanding.
    The APP remote control car is through Bluetooth. The effective transmission distance of Bluetooth is 5m.
    The real-time video transmission is through WiFi. Wherever WiFi can cover, it can transmit video in real time.

  • Hi! What is the range of this tank?

    There is no launch function on our tank. If you need the launch (throwing) function, you can add it by yourself.

  • can they send it to Mexico?

    Yes, we can send the package to Mexico.

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