Transbot SE ROS Robot Car for Jetson NANO B01/Raspberry Pi 5

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Version: RPi 5-4GB
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It has a sturdy chassis material, exquisite design, and easy installation.
I am using it to implement my automatic navigation project and the results are very good. The track system performs well on various terrains and moves very smoothly. I am very satisfied with this purchase and recommend it.

Carlos Martínez
It was a wise decision to buy this Transbot SE

The quality of the parts is very good, the chassis has been assembled, which saves us a lot of time, and we quickly completed all the steps according to the imperfect instructions.
The design of the robot arm is very sophisticated, but it is too short to be extended.
The crawler design allows the car to easily cope with various complex terrains, increasing the diversity of use.

Using Raspberry Pi as the control center, through programming, we realized various functions of the car, including remote control, path planning and automatic obstacle avoidance. However, during use, we found that sometimes the grasping accuracy of the robot arm is not very high, and manual debugging is required. In addition, for beginners, the initial setup and programming may be a bit complicated, requiring patience and a certain amount of learning time.

The battery life of the car also needs to be improved, and it needs to be fully charged in advance before each long-term use.

Charles Vansickle
Computer Engineer -

I bought a robot car to use in my free time, and I work as an electronics engineer.
Youtube videos and tutorials as well as many other Yahboom and Raspberry Pi resources were a great help when assembling the car. After all, the most complicated construction department has already been assembled, which greatly saves my time.

I tested it all day yesterday and most of the features worked fine. It would be perfect if the price could be cheaper

Tristan Durey
Transbot SE Review

Very nice product, with a nice packaging and clear instructions.
However, some small defects in the mechanical parts can make the assembly really difficult and time consuming. For instance, I had to use a hammer to force a bearing shaft inside its hole.

Liam Rodriguez

Transbot SE is a good aluminum alloy Tank car, I really like its appearance.
I will make it my first smart car project, and yesterday I spent an hour testing it. Everything looks good.


  • can I replace the standard cam with the advance cam with spot lights? do i need to add code to allow the search lights?

    Yes, you need add code to allow the search lights.

  • Hi, I already have 3 raspberryPi! Can you sell without it?

    Hello friend,
    When you purchase, you can select 【Controller: Without】

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