G1 AI Vision Smart Tank Robot Kit with WiFi video camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Controller: Without Raspberry Pi board
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Antti Savolainen

I bought this blue aluminum alloy car as a birthday gift for my child and he really likes it! Learned a lot of programming and hardware knowledge

Olivia Harris
Very satisfied with this shopping!

I really like this Raspberry Pi Tank car. From assembly to programming, every step is full of challenges and fun. The design of the small car is very exquisite, and the quality of the components is also very good. The assembly process has taught me and my child a lot of hands-on skills. Through Raspberry Pi, we have achieved remote control of the car and automatic obstacle avoidance function.
The whole process not only improved my son's programming ability, but also sparked his strong interest in robotics technology.

It's more like an educational tool than a toy.

Chloe Bennett
Good way to learn Raspberry Pi and smart car

This robot car kit was definitely a challenge to put together - there are a lot of parts! However, the instructions included were helpful and it was ultimately a rewarding project. I like that it introduces programming concepts and the camera adds a cool element.

If you have high requirements for the appearance of smart cars, this blue Tank car is a good choice for you.

I am completing the APP remote control with the help of technical support.


I purchased this Tank car last month and after about 4 days, I received a package from China.
When I opened the package, I saw all the accessories neatly packed and clearly visible.
I spent two hours assembling the instruction manual and the videos on the Yahboom website, and I have to say it was a long process.
Insert the battery (included in the package) and turn on the switch. I started Tank and tested some functions through the app. All the content can be implemented normally, as shown in the video.

However, it also has many drawbacks:
--- The English manual is too difficult to read, and there are too many words in some places, which has made me lose interest in reading carefully.
--- The blue aluminum alloy is prone to scratches during the assembly process, which would be even better if it had a protective film (like a camera pan tilt).
--- There are no AI visual related functions on the app. If I want to experience AI related functions, I must enter the system and run the relevant programs.

Not Quite what I was expecting.

I thought it was a complete toy car, but when I received the package, I found out that it was just some scattered accessories. I needed to complete the assembly according to the paper manual they provided, which was too complicated for me.

Unless you are an engineer who likes to assemble and build, I don’t recommend you buy it. Because assembly will break you down.

Hello friend,
Thanks for your order.
I am sorry that the product did not meet your satisfaction.
The original design of this product was to allow users to experience the joy of assembly and hands-on fun.


  • 1 - can it be upgraded with extra sensors and functions? 2 - does it have a mode to follow person?

    Thanks for your question.
    1. Yes, you can add extra sensors.
    2. Currently we have not developed a function to follow person for this robot car. If you want to follow person, you can check this robot car, link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/jetbot

  • Hi, My pi only boots once as soon I have it installed on the tank. What could be the problem for this? After flashing the card it works again (once).

    Thanks for your support to Yahboom products.
    If you have any problems when using, contact us bu E-mail:suppprt@yahboom.com.
    We will provide professional technical support and after-sales service.

  • Could it be compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 model B? I’m interested only in line tracking and movement, I may replace the camera with a go pro attached to the arm.

    Sorry, we have not tested it on Raspberry Pi 2 at present.

    We are developing based on Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B

  • Hi! I lost the charger for the batteries what V & A charger should I be looking for? Thank you

    The charger parameters used in our car are as follows:
    OUTPUT: 8.4V 1A

  • HI again! I just want to know how far can it go before losing connection with the phone controller? Thanks!

    I am sorry for my misunderstanding.
    The APP remote control car is through Bluetooth. The effective transmission distance of Bluetooth is 5m.
    The real-time video transmission is through WiFi. Wherever WiFi can cover, it can transmit video in real time.

  • Hi! What is the range of this tank?

    There is no launch function on our tank. If you need the launch (throwing) function, you can add it by yourself.

  • can they send it to Mexico?

    Yes, we can send the package to Mexico.

  • Is it possible to purchase a backup battery pack separately?

    Due to the fact that batteries are classified as flammable and explosive dangerous goods, the courier company does not support transporting batteries separately, so we are unable to sell batteries separately. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
    The following are the parameters of the batteries used in Tank cars, which you can try to purchase locally.
    Battery pack model: 18650-3S
    Material shell: PVC
    Rated voltage: 11.1V
    Rated capacity: 2000mAh
    Discharge cut-off voltage: 9.0V ± 0.05V
    Discharge current: 1.5C
    External dimensions: 55 * 18 * 67mm
    Maximum charging voltage: 12.6V

  • What is the purpose of the Raspberry pi 4? And do you really need it

    Raspberry Pi is like the brain of a tank car. Without Raspberry Pi, the tank car will not work properly

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