Raspberry Pi RGB Cooling HAT with adjustable fan and OLED display for 4B/3B+/3B

Raspberry Pi RGB Cooling HAT with adjustable fan and OLED display for 4B/3B+/3B

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This is a Multi-function cooling expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi board. It is perfectly compatible with the 4B/3B+/3B to protect Raspberry Pi and extends its life. A 4pin IIC interface for OLED display, which can real-time display CPU temperature, CPU usage, hard disk space, memory and IP address. The large-size cooling fan on the board with strong wind power, it can make Raspberry Pi can run more stably by automatically adjust the speed according to the CPU temperature. 3 high-brightness RGB programming lights on the bottom of the expansion board, which can realize following lights, breathing lights, marquees and so on. It also expandS Raspberry Pi 40pin header and can be used to connect to other devices. We will provide a driver package for all Raspberry Pi images, which is convenient for users to drive fans, OLED displays, RGB lights.


  • Perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B, not occupy any Raspberry Pi pin, not occupy heat sink space.
  • The powerful fan on the board can automatically adjust the speed according to the CPU temperature to control the air volume.
  • Support OLED display, which can display the running status of Raspberry Pi in real-time.
  • High-brightness RGB lights to enhance the aesthetic appearance, but also to achieve a variety of funny lighting gameplay.
  • A driver package that can drive all the functions of the expansion board, as well as program source code and tutorials will be provided.


Raspberry Pi cooling HAT expansion board:

Size: 61mm*59mm

Weight: 34.1g


Cooling fan:

Size: 40mm*40mm

Package list

Raspberry Pi cooling HAT expansion board*1

Copper column *4

Screw *8

OLED display *1



Yahboom Raspberry Pi RGB cooling HAT



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  • I recently bought your Pi cooling had and it seems that the code that is on github uses deprecated libraries that are making it hard for the hat to work. Is there ever going to be updated code?

    Thanks for your question.
    Could you contact us by E-mail, support@yahboom.com
    Our technical support will help you solve it ASAP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Frederic Gautier
Nice and lightly cooling fan

Second hat with fan cooling from yahboom. With the first hat The fan stopped about 3 month. But very easy to install and program with python. The oled display is perfect to see the IP of the raspi.

Ron Post
Advanced cooling tool, but I don’t like green RGB lights

This expansion board is good overall, it can not only cooling, but also display the current temperature, CPU, and IP address of the Raspberry Pi in real time.

But the green breathing light, which is activated by default, really disgusts me, so I only have to give it 3 star.

Fabian Mendes
Amazing cooling fan py programmable

This product is amazing and suitable and the best of all, it has its own mini OLED!! Best features for my Basiliscus Basilisk mandalorian :) keep doing it!

Controlling SW

Provided SW is not usable so I implemented the daemon which controls the HW. See https://github.com/vookimedlo/yahboom_RGB_Cooling_HAT if you are interested in.


Had to piece together all the software, the manual and guide uses outdated drivers and python code provided is not very good. Builiding my own python software that works on the hat was a long and difficult process (I had little experience with i2c). That said, the Hat hardware is very cool overall and im sure experienced programmers would have no difficulty writing their own python code to use.