ROS robot control board V3.0 with STM32F103RCT6 Support RaspberryPi 5 Jetson

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Randal Riedinger
ROS robot control board V3.0 with STM32F103RCT6

I want to use this with a Portenta H7 running MicroROS and the ROS robot control board primarily as a motor speed controller and magnetometer based steering. My biggest complaint is that the robot control board should have a more powerful processor and pins so that you don't have to do a bit-banged I2C and can handle a lot more I/O. Also there should be an example that combines all the functions. I'm having a problem that the "Timer interrupt to control PWM servo" runs OK by itself but not when I combined it with the I2C, USART, PID, ICM20948 and CAN. I'm using a RP2040 to provide a PS DS4 controller Bluetooth/CAN interface and the Portenta H7 as a CAN/WiFi gateway to send the DS4, PID and ICM20948 data to a remote Linux computer. I'm going to have to run the HC-SR04 with servo scanner and Sharp IR rear distance sensor from the Portenta H7 while I had intended to use the robot control board.


Its design is very reasonable, providing rich interfaces and powerful functional support, and compatibility is also strong. I am very satisfied with using it to build my robot project. With the help of technical support, I updated the latest firmware, which is a tedious process that requires patience and handling.

Hatshepsut Sobek

As described in their video, the expansion board is working properly.
I am using it to create my competition robot car project and hope everything goes smoothly.

David Burgess
Incomplete order

I recently purchased the X3 Plus but discovered it upgraded to the Pi 5 just days after my purchase (very frustrating). I was told to upgrade I need a new robot control board and two USB boards, so I ordered them. Only the control board and one USB board arrived. I contacted Yahboom, and it was sent by very slow delivery to the US. I am still waiting for the part that I’m frustrated that I had to buy.

Hello friend,
Your second package have been be delivered within 7 working days.
You can check your E-mail.

Alexei Petrov
Great ros board

We used these in a project and the results were very good.
The logistics were also very fast, did not disappoint me.


  • I bought some of your ROS robot control board V2.0. I need to customize your factory code to work well with my prototypes. So, how can I import the Factory Rosmaster in the STM32CubeIDE to modify your code to made some customization for my prototype? I love this board very much; it simplifies my maker life!!! Thank you very much!

    Hello friend,
    We are unable to reply to technical issues here. You can send the issue to this email, and technical support will reply to you ASAP.

  • Hi, I am interested in this board. But my power input is 24VDC. Will this board support for 24VDC input?

    Hello friend,
    This board just support 12VDC input.

  • Hi I want to know why the hex files which were running on version of this board are giving init error in version2 of the same board?

    Hello friend,
    Send your question to this E-mail:  Our technical support will help you to solve the problems ASAP.

  • How can I setup a board to differential drive with 2 wheel robot? I found only a ros node for mecanum wheel robot.

    Hi friend,
    Any questions when using this produts, contact us by E-mail:
    Our technical support will reply to you as soon as possible.

  • Hi, I would like to ask for Yahboom ROS robot control board with STM32F103RCT6 IMU. i have purchase one in your place. and need to run the control board. May i ask i need to follow 1.Expansion board STM32 driver first than by 2. Python basic control? May i ask the link to ( i when and some information is lock and cannot be open and need password. Thank you Regards, Sam

    Hello friend, 
    Sorry for late reply. We just ending International Labor Day holiday and back to work today.
    Technical support cannot be provided here. After purchasing the product, if you need technical support, please contact this email:

  • "I am currently using ROSMASTER x3, and I am trying to update the firmware through the MCUISP program in your manual. However, the port connected to the board is not displayed in the MCUISP program. I confirmed that the port connected to the board is COM3 through the device manager in Windows, but the port is still not displayed in the MCUISP program. Also, when I connect the board alone to the computer, a beep sound continues to be emitted."

    Hi friend,
    Could you send your question to this E-mail:
    Our technical support will reply to you ASAP by E-mail.

  • I see that only power input is via T plug connector. What would be the correct battery for this board? 4 x 18650 or do you recommend something else? Regards Niko

    Hello friend,
    The maximum voltage allowed by the expansion board is 12V. You can use the power supply battery according to this parameter.
    Any other questions, contact us by E-mail
    Technical support will reply you as soon as possible.

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