【Unboxing and review】--- Raspberry Pi 5 ROS2 Robot Car

Since the release of Raspberry Pi 5.

Yahboom MicroROS Pi5 may be the first robot car equipped with Raspberry Pi 5, so what are its impressive features?

Part 1 --- Open its packaging box

It can be seen that the chassis of the factory robot is assembled, and the aluminum alloy frame adopts a unique closed cabin design.

Part2 --- Important hardware introduction

About Motor: 

Robot car bottom is equipped with 4PCS 310 metal motors built-in Hall encoder, which can achieve high-precision feedback control of the speed and position of the robot car.

About Lidar:

With an MS200 Lidar, using TOF ranging method, resisting strong light irradiation of 30Klux, supporting indoor and outdoor mapping navigation, measuring radius up to 12m. 

About MicroROS expansion board:

It also includes a MicroROS robot control board, which integrates important peripherals such as the ESP32S3 core module control unit, motor drive, servo drive, and 6 axis IMU attitude sensor.

Supports communication functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, serial port

Supports 4-channel encoder motors, 2-channel PWM servos, 1-channel Lidar, and 1-channel PD power supply for Raspberry Pi 5.

Comes with an external driver firmware program that can be directly connected to the ROS2 environment. 

About 2DOF camera PTZ:

It is equipped with a USB HD camera and two metal servos, supporting 2DOF motion tracking in both horizontal and vertical directions, making it convenient for AI visual depth development applications.

Part3 --- Assemble robot car

You can assemble the car according to the installation video provided by Yahboom.


Part4 --- Function Introduction

Let's experience the exciting features of Raspberry Pi 5 robot car together.

This robot car support APP/Handle/keyboard control.  

Micro ROS Pi5 car can complete QR codes, barcodes, AR codes, and accurately recognize facial expressions, body postures, and even finger joint movements.

With the MediaPipe machine learning framework, users can control the motion status of the car through gestures or palms.

Yahboom provides excellent tutorials and open-source code for the microROS-Pi 5 robot car, helping users easily learn Micro ROS and robotics technology.

By combining visual recognition with car movements, it achieves AI visual interaction functions.

For example, by flexibly rotating the camera PTZ, specific color targets can be locked up.

In addition, it can also perform visual tracking, accurately calculate the coordinates of the color block center point, and combine with PID algorithm to determine in real-time whether the robot movement.

Combined with lidar, it can also use lidar to achieve functions such as mapping navigation, obstacle avoidance, patrol, following, and even achieve Multi-machine synchronous control.

In generally. The microROS Pi 5 robot car integrates the Raspberry Pi 5 as the main control unit, and is equipped with MS200TOF lidar, 2DOF camera PTZ, and metal motor, which can realize AI visual recognition and interaction, lidar tracking and obstacle avoidance,3D mapping navigation and so on.

Yahboom provide a series of theoretical courses, covering the Raspberry Pi system basic settings course, Linux operating system basic course, Docker course, ROS2 basic courses, as well as ESP32 basic course and microROS practical applications on embedded platforms.

These courses not only provide an in-depth explanation of the use of the Raspberry Pi 5 operating system and visual system development, but also cover ROS2 system development knowledge and the hardware driver process, help developers to learning robot technology based on the Raspberry Pi 5.


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