【DIY project】-- A WiFi car exclusively for my pet cat. - Yahboom

I have a cute pet cat, it said "Dear Master, can you take me anywhere?"

"Of cousre".

Today, i made a unique car with Omni:bit car and Wifi camera. My pet cat is happy.


I used the building block EV3 to combine the Micro:bit camera platform and the Omni:bit car.


Yahboom's wifi camera module can self-generate a WiFi hotspot to connect the phone to this network. When we click the button on the APP, the control commands will be transmitted to the WiFi camera module through the network, and then transmitted to the Micro:bit board through the serial port.

Microbit board will recognize these commands and control the car to realize the corresponding functions.

Click here to view code.


Android users search "YahboomRobot" in Play Store to download APP;

iOS users search "YahboomRobot" in App Store to download APP.

Video show: 



Diy works

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