Transbot SE ROS Robot Car for Jetson NANO B01/Raspberry Pi 4B

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Version: Raspberry Pi
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Tristan Durey
Transbot SE Review

Very nice product, with a nice packaging and clear instructions.
However, some small defects in the mechanical parts can make the assembly really difficult and time consuming. For instance, I had to use a hammer to force a bearing shaft inside its hole.

Liam Rodriguez

Transbot SE is a good aluminum alloy Tank car, I really like its appearance.
I will make it my first smart car project, and yesterday I spent an hour testing it. Everything looks good.

Isabelle Petersen

Oh!! I am very satisfied with this Tank car.

It not only looks cool, but also has excellent AI performance. I like how stable it is, how well it moves even on uneven ground, and the track design gives it good traction in a variety of conditions.

I can easily connect my Raspberry Pi to the car and program it to do all kinds of interesting functions. Whether it is remote control or autonomous navigation, I can achieve it by writing Python code. This provided me with a great opportunity to explore programming and robotics, giving me a deeper understanding of the field.

I was also impressed with the build quality of the little car. The assembly process required some patience, but the instructions were very clear and made the whole process very smooth. In addition, the manufacturer provides excellent customer support, and they were able to answer and help me in a timely manner when I had questions during the assembly and programming process.

Overall, it's not only a powerful tool, but a great platform to learn and explore robotics. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, I highly recommend this little car!

Sofia Nieminen

Received my package the day before yesterday, the delivery was faster than I thought.

Like it's appearance! It is stylish and full of technology. The aluminum alloy material looks very sturdy, and I think it will not be damaged even if the car moves freely in various environments.


  • Hi, I already have 3 raspberryPi! Can you sell without it?

    Hello friend,
    When you purchase, you can select 【Controller: Without】

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