Yahboom 4 channel infrared tracking sensor module

Yahboom 4 channel infrared tracking sensor module

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This tracking module adopts four tracking probes, and optimized spacing layout. The inner two probes can accurately identify the black line. The outer two probes can assist the inner probe to identify the black line and provide early warning. The car can recognize the 90°curved road and other difficult tracks. Knob-type adjustable resistors plus professional operational amplify circuits allow us to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor. You can use a cable or DuPont cable to connect it to a smart car or expansion board for various experiments. We have also reserved the hole for installing the copper columns and screws, you can expand it by yourself.


  • High-quality infrared probe, onboard 4-way operation comparator circuit
  • 1.6 thickness impact resistant PCB
  • High precision
  • Knob adjustment, out linear adjustable range
  • Provide reference materials, drive source codes and tools of graphical programming.


Working voltage: 3.3V~5V

Working current: 10mA~50mA

Working temperature: -10°~ +50°

Detection distance: 1mm~4cm

Hole diameter: 3mm

Output interface: VCC, X1, X2, X3, X4,GND

Output signal: TTL

Size: 70*29mm

Weight: 9.4g

Note:  1. It is recommended to use a 16mm black track.

           2. It is necessary to avoid the interference of outdoor sunlight to infrared light, you need to detect indoors.

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4 channel infrared tracking sensor module  *1


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Yahboom 4-channel infrared tracking sensor