18DOF Muto S2 Hexapod Robot for Raspberry Pi 4B and NVIDIA Jetson NANO

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Controller: Without
Version: RPi 5 8G
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Great customer service

I just want to tell you that I just arrived at the university a few days ago, and I armed the hexapod robot you sent to me.!!
The robot is great.!! It moves very well.!!!
I think the robot will work very well from other examples by using ros or python directly (since the camera is ok).

Sarah Mitchell
Overall, I am satisfied with this hexapod robot kit.

I especially like its powerful AI vision capabilities, which can easily perform target detection and object detection, which provides a huge help for my projects. The APP control is also very smooth and easy to use, which is a big advantage for both beginners and professional developers.

However, I think there is room for improvement in the tutorials and manuals. More detailed and clear tutorials will help users better understand and utilize Muto's features.

If Yahboom can further optimize these aspects, it will become a perfect product and more people will be able to realize its full potential. I look forward to seeing Muto become even more refined in future developments.

Ralph Scheubrein
Muto S2 Hexapod Robot for Nividia Jetson Nano

The device comes packaged in a very high-quality looking and functionally designed box. The kit is largely pre-assembled, so final assembly is quick and requires no special tools. The software works and allows basic operation of the robot. However, many extensions come to mind immediately (e.g. software support for ROS and hardware extensions like LIDAR) and I guess that some will be integrated by the manufacturer in the near future.


  • Happy customer: Muto has arrived safely in Europe, assemly was quick and it works perfectly now. Just out of curiosity: what is the meaning of the name "Muto"?

    Hi friend,
    Thanks for your support yo Yahboom.
    Before developing a new product, the boss will collect some interesting names throughout the company. All employees will base their understanding on the appearance or functionality of the product. Choose some interesting names.
    Finally, after voting and considering issues related to trademark registration, choose the most suitable name.
    About [Muto]: It seems that it's because one of the unconfirmed giant terrestrial life forms in the movie 《Godzilla》. Muto--Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism.

  • Is possible to buy only Muto S2 without controller? Just Muto s2 Packing list, so i can use raspberry P5 or Jetson Nano orin, Xavier NX etc. How much is cost?

    Hello friend,
    Thanks for your E-mail.
    1. You can see that the product price page can be selected from different SKUs, you choose 【Controller】--【Without】.
    2. Your means is that you want to purchase one Muto, and you want to use it Raspberry Pi and Jetson NANO, right?
    Note: It didn't support Jetson Nano orin, Xavier NX recently.
    Or you can reply me by E-mail:market@yahboom.com

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