Jetbot mini AI Vision Robot Car ROS Starter Kit for NVIDIA Jetson Nano 2GB/4GB

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Tire color: Yellow
Version: Without Jetson NANO
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Avni Mutlu
Too expensive, but the logistics and service are good

After reconfirming the order, I received the package after 7 workking days. The shipping list is complete and it took me 20 minutes to assemble. After debugging, the car can complete the basic movements.
But the effect of the color recognition function is not very good. Technical support told me that I need to adjust the value range of HSV parameters according to the usage environment, and I am trying to debug.

Pongrut Palarpong
Yahboom Jetbot mini effortable Ai robotics

Yahboom Jetbot mini Is intuitive and easy to start to learn robotics with well documented from Yahboom help me even easier.

Konrad Adenauer

Good starting point for AI. Lots to learn. Linux based AI on the edge applications. Many options like tensorflow or opencv and pytorch. I ditched the motors after playing around and then put it on a much larger wheelchair like base. Its learning to get to publix on the sidewalk currently. Good fun.

Small car for Jetson NANO 2GB

At present, there are really too few smart cars compatible with 2GB board on the market. The Yahboom is developed in a timely. My 2G board can be used on it.

Below I will discuss some of my own views from the following points.

1. The structure of this trolley is very simple, it only took me 10 minutes to complete the assembly.
2. The TF card that comes with the kit has been written with a special image, which can directly start the Jetson NANO board. In order to save a lot of time, as we all know, downloading the image file from the NVIDIA website and writing the image to the TF card, basically It takes about 30 to 50 minutes.
3. There are many interesting functions integrated on the APP. After the test of my two cars, they can work normally.
4. The tutorials on the Yahboom website are very complete, but I have to admit that the English translation is a bit bad.

Raymond Ishmael
A good challenge for my 15 year old

I couldn't afford the more expensive Jetbot AI robot Car, so I choose this mini car to my son as a New Year's gift.
He has been studying programming in the hobby class for half a year. When he got this gift, he was very excited.
Although programming was somewhat difficult for him, it also stimulated his interest and potential in programming.


  • I am experimenting with ROS-2. Can I use ROS-2 with this product?

    Hello friend,
    Yes, you can use ROS2 on this robot. But we don't provide more tutorials about ROS2.

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