Yahboom 4WD expansion board for robot car

Yahboom 4WD expansion board for robot car

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This is a powerful expansion board that is compatible with four major controllers: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32 and 51 controllers. Meeting your every need for a robotic car, it can ensure that the onboard module resources are not affected after switching any version of the controller, and the sensor interface is compatible.

Equipped with a wide range of sensor interfaces, such as ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, 2-channel infrared obstacle avoidance, 2-channel light-seeking, 4-channel tracking, RGB lights, color recognition, MPU6050 gyroscope and linear CCD camera. Compared to the traditional open IO port and DuPont line connection, we use a simple and easy to operate modular design and socket cable connection. It is easier and simpler to make the wiring not rough.

3 motor drive capabilities, including 4-channel DC motor interface, 6-channel servo interface and fire-extinguishing fan interface.

With 9.6V-13.5V wide voltage input, the voltage is lower than 9.6V, and the over-discharge protection circuit automatically cuts off the power to protect the battery. In addition, the board also has a 12.6V charging interface, 3.3V/5V voltage switching, reverse connection protection, voltage monitoring circuit, forced reset circuit, low voltage prompt and stalled restart circuit to provide a stable power supply system.

Support 6 kinds of communication methods: Bluetooth interface, WiFi module interface, 24L01 wireless interface, SPI communication interface, infrared receiving (integrated) and CH340 serial circuit (integrated)

Support 5 kinds of control methods: mobile APP, PC computer, PS2 controller, infrared remote control and gesture armband.


  • Compatible with four controllers
  • Abundant sensor interface
  • Strong motor drive capability
  • Stable power supply system
  • Multiple communication modes, Bluetooth APP provided
  • Strong expansibility


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4WD expansion board*1



Yahboom 4WD expansion board



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  • What are the exact specifications for the 2 pin power plug? What type and size

    2Pin power plug on 4WD expansion board is HT5.08-2P.

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Yahboom 4WD expansion board for robot car