About us


Shenzhen Yahboom Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of intelligent educational robot platforms. It is our vision and mission to lower the threshold of creation and make maker education popular. After years of deep cultivation and precipitation, Yahboom has now formed a complete maker education ecosystem covering product hardware, programming control software, online course platform, and forum community, serving many student groups and educational institutions, and actively promoting innovation the development of maker education.


The company's main products: Educational robot kits for all ages, IOT education platform, university maker laboratory building and other fields. The products are sold at home and abroad, and the products cover primary schools, middle schools, universities, training institutions, and vocational colleges. Adhering to the concept of open source and sharing, the company has a large number of maker fans, and the daily traffic of official website courses has reached more than 10,000.


Yahboom Team is composed of a professional maker team, who has been deeply involved in STEM education for many years and has rich experience in product manufacturing. The design of the mechanical structure of the product, the application of functional circuits, and the compilation of tutorials are all independently developed by the team. Diversified styling structure, extended circuit design with strong driving performance, and programming teaching from the shallower to the deeper are our aim to build products.

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