Yahboom Tiny:bit smart robot car compatible with Micro:bit V2/1.5 board

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Although cheap but good quality

Its overall appearance is in line with its name Tiny, it is a cute and small guy.

Our 8-year-old son likes it very much. Tim said that this is the best birthday gift he has received this year. He wants to take it to school and share it with other students.
Compared to Bluetooth remote control and infrared remote control, the effect is not very good. Technical support told me that infrared is easier to receive external influences. I believe it for the time being. After all, my son really likes it.

Jules Rodin Poincalé
I am satisfied with it

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and range of this kit, as it does a LOT more than other kits I have come across. It is the best you could ask for- it includes a genuine BBC micro:bit microcontroller equipped with bluetooth, and can be configured for several projects including line following, IR remote control, app control, ultrasonic control, and direction display on the micro:bit controller's LED display. This truly is a do-it-all robotics kit, because you can spend time building out each project rather than being finished after only one, so ultimately it is like buying >5 kits for the price of one.

All in all I am satisfied with the kit and highly recommend it!

K. Houlden

Buen producto, rápida entrega y entretenimiento asegurado

Ali A. Eftekhari
Well-designed and build

This kit is designed very well, but is also not child-proof! My daughter is very careful so we haven't had any issues. There are many ways of communication with the car and also several available codes for kids who don't like to program it themselves. The documentation can be improved and updated.

Kimy Lim
Small size and shape attracts the kids in the studio

It’s a pity that I just discovered this company by Facebook. Their products and services are amazing. I tried to complete my first order. This Tinybit car is loved by children. Next week, I will order more quantity for the children, at least 10Pcs.
I will become a regular customer for these products.


  • Hi Is this compatible with the first version of BBC Microbit

    Yes. this car compatible with Micro:bit V1/V2.

  • Hello! Is there some input left to add another sensor?

    Thanks for your question.
    This car comes with many sensors, such as ultrasonic, infrared remote control receiver, sound sensor, tracking sensor and so on. We have reserved 4 alligator clip ports at its tail, which can be used to connect other sensors. I
    If you want to carry out more extended experiments, we recommend you to use this car, it has more interfaces for external module.
    Link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/bitbot

  • ¿Does the product provides any way to charge de battery? and how .

    Thanks for your question.
    This product is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The kit includes a Micro USB cable for charging and downloading programs.
    Robot car can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of the computer by Micro USB cable.

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