Yahboom Tiny:bit smart robot car compatible with Micro:bit V2/1.5 board

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Minna Porasmaa

The cute robot car is really suitable as a birthday present, my 10 year old son is so excited

Emma Lorenz
Great for hands-on STEM education

I bought a Tinybit about one year ago. I found the kit to be designed to be easily assembled, sturdy construction, and great documentation. The software is ideal for teaching young students about robotics and developing basic programming skills. I bought two for my grandchildren and they enjoyed them. I decided to buy more Tinybit and have donated them to our local school. The older students build them and all the students learn how to program using MakeCode’s apps. The students are excited and being exposed to a great STEM education

藤 夏実

小学生から初めてのプログラミングに良いです 機械って難しそうに思っていましたが女子の私も色々いじれて楽しいですボディが頑丈なのいいですねしかしもっと面白そうなのはアームバージョンのかな値がはりますが、

Howard Logan
Awesome jetbot mini.

I would like to learn more about the Jetson Nvidia products. I have three robots I've built,but this one was special. Thanks guys.

Its a fun project

Feels over all good quality needing less than a few design changes but my 7 year old loved building it and my 3 year old loves playing with is as wall as I enjoy programming it.


  • is it possible to program the tiny without micro bit? what can I do with the tiny bit car without microbic

    Hello Friend,
    Thanks for your questions.
    The Microbit is like the brain of the car, without the Micro:bit the car will not work properly.

  • can I control the car with a micro bit on a joystick from a different company?

    Yes. You can do that.
    The remote control process is mainly achieved through the wireless function between two Microbit boards, so even if you use different brands of handles and carts, you can achieve remote control.

  • do we get the battery too

    Yes, if you purchase it on our website, you can got the battery

  • Hi Is this compatible with the first version of BBC Microbit

    Yes. this car compatible with Micro:bit V1/V2.

  • Hello! Is there some input left to add another sensor?

    Thanks for your question.
    This car comes with many sensors, such as ultrasonic, infrared remote control receiver, sound sensor, tracking sensor and so on. We have reserved 4 alligator clip ports at its tail, which can be used to connect other sensors. I
    If you want to carry out more extended experiments, we recommend you to use this car, it has more interfaces for external module.
    Link: https://category.yahboom.net/products/bitbot

  • ¿Does the product provides any way to charge de battery? and how .

    Thanks for your question.
    This product is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The kit includes a Micro USB cable for charging and downloading programs.
    Robot car can be charged by connecting it to the USB port of the computer by Micro USB cable.

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