Yahboom 4WD smart robot with AI vision features for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Controller: Without Raspberry Pi board
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Tina Ding Kings
Panel material for the car

If the panel material can be more solid, that will be better.

Cheney Williams
Really cool robot car - easy to assemble and fun to play with afterwards!

Loved everything about this robot project kit. Easy to assemble. Fun to play with. Educational.


I bought it to participate in the robot car competition in our school.

Overall, its performance is great, especially in the tracking function, it has successfully traversed many bends and acute-angle routes.

A very cost-effective car

A very cost-effective car with many sensors on it, enough for me to complete my university project.

Michael Cummings
Great robot to learn Rust on

So had been looking to get a robot or robot kit for a year or more when I finally decided to go forward with this one. I'm glad I did as it has been fun over the last almost month I've had it. After watching the assembly videos a couple time on YouTube before it arrived on time I had it together within a couple hours. Probably could have done it in less time but wanted to take the extra time to make sure I did it right plus just get to know the robot better since the pictures and videos can only show you so much. You can tell that this is not a first robot that the company has design and the quality of the parts used is very good for the price. So good hardware but the software is not so great.

I started downloading the software right after ordering the robot starting with the Python code. I've been write software on and off for more years then I'd like to say and to put it bluntly I was not impress with the code they have available. The Python code was especially badly done with the C code being good enough to use as a starting point at least. As a guess they had an experienced programmer write the C code and then a much less experienced one do the translation to Python and no review was done on it. Several of the Python code files had indent problems including mixed tab and spaces. In most programming languages this really doesn't matter but in Python where indenting and alignment has meaning for blocks of code this is really bad. Since one of the main reason I had for getting the robot to start with was to learn how to do things like direct hardware interaction etc. I was really disappointed in some ways. On the other hand it did push me to go ahead with my plans to write the Rust code I had been thinking about.

For anyone that might be interested You can find my very much work-in-progress Rust code at:


There's a lot more to do with it but at least what is finished works ;) Please download and try it out if your interested and let me know what you think.

In summary, Yahboom have put together a really solid robot in the hardware side but the example software has many issues that are disappointing and could discourage someone new to programming when the example don't even work.


  • Cannot get the visual display from the camera to show. Everything else works, no visual from the camera. Get an error message on the display. It is plugged into the raspberry Pi board using the usb terminals, no picture

    Thanks for your question. 
    Could you contact our Technical Support by E-mail (support@yahboom.com), he will help you solve the problem ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How do you know when do charge the battery pack? The Lower power indicator light on the expansion board is on when I charge it, will the light go out when the battery charge is low?

    Thanks for your question.
    The two indicators on the expansion board are 12.6V voltage indicator and 5V voltage indicator.
    In generally, the working time for a fully charged battery is 180 minutes, you can charge the battery pack after using it for such a long time.
    Please remove the battery pack from the car before charging, and then use the charger provided by us to charge the battery pack.
    During charging, the charger indicator will be red and the full charge indicator will become green.

  • IPhone Bluetooth device not listed. What should I do?

    The iOS phone see the Bluetooth module of robot car.
    About how to connect Bluetooth, you can view this video.

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