Yahboom 4WD smart robot with AI vision features for Raspberry Pi 4B

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Controller: Without Raspberry Pi board
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Nefertari Osiris
Good product, could use better screws.

Overall it is a good kit.
The screws that go into the plastic components could be a tad bigger. I'll probably go through it one of these nights and put a drop of super glue in the holes to keep the screws from ripping out.
Be sure to do the calibration on the servos before you put them into place. On my first power on the camera turned far to the right and the vertical laid back. No problem, and the instructions said to do it. I just didn't.
A high-brightness searchlight is too suitable for moving forward in a dark environment.

Lucía Darán

Yahboom 4WD smart robot with AI vision features for Raspberry Pi 4B

Lima Pereira
This Raspberry Pi Car is an Impressive and Creative Project

The performance of the car is excellent. Four-wheel drive provides excellent handling and flexibility, and the car can run smoothly on different terrains. In addition, its motion response speed is very fast, and it can execute commands precisely.

The expansion board is also one of its advantages. Through interfaces and expansion slots, we can easily add and integrate various sensors, modules and devices to further enhance the functions and application range of the car.

Finally, community support is another highlight of this little car. The Raspberry Pi community is large and active, providing a wealth of resources, tutorials, and technical support. We can share experiences with other users, solve problems, and get inspired.

Shimon Peres

This programming car is perfect for beginners like me! The easy-to-follow instructions made it a breeze to assemble and the coding tutorials were super helpful. I'm now able to control the car's movements and explore different programming concepts. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into robotics!"

Emma Storm

This kit is a decent option for those looking to build a basic robot car with a Raspberry Pi. However, the instructions can be confusing at times and some of the components are not of the highest quality.


  • Cannot get the visual display from the camera to show. Everything else works, no visual from the camera. Get an error message on the display. It is plugged into the raspberry Pi board using the usb terminals, no picture

    Thanks for your question. 
    Could you contact our Technical Support by E-mail (support@yahboom.com), he will help you solve the problem ASAP.
    Thanks in advance.

  • How do you know when do charge the battery pack? The Lower power indicator light on the expansion board is on when I charge it, will the light go out when the battery charge is low?

    Thanks for your question.
    The two indicators on the expansion board are 12.6V voltage indicator and 5V voltage indicator.
    In generally, the working time for a fully charged battery is 180 minutes, you can charge the battery pack after using it for such a long time.
    Please remove the battery pack from the car before charging, and then use the charger provided by us to charge the battery pack.
    During charging, the charger indicator will be red and the full charge indicator will become green.

  • IPhone Bluetooth device not listed. What should I do?

    The iOS phone see the Bluetooth module of robot car.
    About how to connect Bluetooth, you can view this video.

  • I purchased the 4wd robot car kit but Bluetooth is not connecting, beep sound not coming and Bluetooth chip hitting in4wd car

    Hi friend, send your question to this E-mail:support@yahboom.com
    Our technical support will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

  • I purchased the 4wd robot car kit but Bluetooth is not connecting in4wd car

    Hello friend,
    Sorry for late reply. We didn't work on weekend, so i didn't check and reply you.
    Please send your question to this E-mail:support@yahboom.com. Our technical support will reply to you ASAP.

  • Hi! How could I extract the velocity of the 4 motors? I am not sure if this car has encoders includeed in the motors. For over a month I've tried reading the velocity from the motors but I didn't succed....

    Hello friend, 
    This motor didn't with encoder.

  • Assembled size listed is 256x783x213 mm, what is the dimensions order? 256mm height and 783mm length, or vice-versa?

    Hi friend,
    Could you contact me by E-mail: market@yahboom.com ?
    I will send the picture for you about your robot size.

  • Are they Giving SD card along with Raspberry pi 4B Board?

    Yes. We will provide SD card along with Raspberry pi 4B Board.

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