Yahboom micro:bit smart robot car bitbot with IR and APP for Micro:bit V2/V1.5

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Claudia Dara

I bought this car for teaching and training in my son programming class, and my son took it to school.
He said that Mom, this microbit car is great. I like it!
And he hopes that I can buy another set of building blocks for him during the summer vacation.

Great New Year Gift

Although it was delivered the day after the New Year, I think the products and services are good, the customer service is very prompt, and the technology is very patient.
I will continue to use it in the next month, and I will add my own comments to any questions.


The box is well-made, robot car is very easy to assemble, and now my son has taken it to the training class to attract the attention of other students.

Axel Waldemar Gallén

The logistics is fast, the service is very good, and I got the tutorial materials I want through the website.
Although some problems were encountered during use, the line tracking sensor of the car could not work properly. But tech support quickly helped me with the video.
I would like to recommend Yahboom to my friends.

Dihon Wasan
Good quality and not overly complicated

This was actually a lot better quality than I was expecting. The parts seem like they are well built. The metal chassis is sturdy and the holes are all aligned properly. The way the motors are attached isn’t perfect and they will likely come loose after awhile, but it will be easy to tighten them back up.
My 7 year old son and I assembled the kit together in about an half hour, with him doing most of the work. The instructions were fairly simple, although the pics showing where to put the screws were a little tough for my 7 year old to interpret on his own at first. Not a big deal, and he figured it out with some help. Older kids will probably find it easier, if they have experience following printed directions. There are not too many small parts, which i think makes this kit better than some others for younger kids.
We just started playing with the programming and it seems to be pretty simple and works well on the ipad. My son is excited to try designing some new programs of his own for his robot to follow.


  • How do you program the robot to move without the remote?

    Hello Friend,
    1. You can directly upload the code for the car to move forward, and the car can move without the need for a remote control. Check out the tutorial on this part,link:http://www.yahboom.net/study/Bitbot
    2. If you have any other problems when using, contact us by E-mail support@yahboom.com
    We will provide professional technical support and after-sales service.

  • Some screws got lost or are missing, can we order just the screws/bolt package for the smart car? Thanks!

    Thanks for your questions. 
    Please send the screw models and accessories pictures you need, and the delivery address to this email:support@yahboom.com.
    We will tell you the specific freight and price.

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