Yahboom Super:bit expansion board for micro:bit

Yahboom Super:bit expansion board for micro:bit

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It be designed with bilateral symmetry, onboard micro:bit board socket, 18650 battery socket, USB power supply interface, 3-5v external power interface, 4 programmable RGB lights, buzzer, I2C interface , WIFI camera serial port, all kinds of motor interfaces and so on, which is an expansion board designed for micro:bit. It also can be connected with 2 channel stepper motors, 4 channel DC motors, 8 channel servos, coupled with stable power supply scheme and various protection circuits, this expansion board has a powerful ability to drive motor. We expand 17 pin header IO ports and 10 alligator clip interfaces to support our sensor modules. The WIFI camera serial interface, IIC interface and LEGO holes make it possible for users to expand into more interesting projects. You can build your own shape with the LEGO bricks, connect some electronic devices, and control it by micro:bit programming.  It is an excellent choice for your robotic projects based on Micro:bit!


  • Central axis design, bilateral symmetry.
  • Onboard content is rich, micro:bit socket, programmable RGB lights, buzzer, and support IIC, serial communication.
  • Power ability to drive DC motors, stepper motors, servos, onboard buzzer and programmable RGB lights.
  • 17 effective micro:bit IO ports, 10 alligator clip interfaces are reserved, and some Yahboom sensor modules can be connected.
  • Three power supply method: micro USB power supply, 18650 lithium battery power supply, 3-5v external battery box power supply.
  • 6. Compatible with LEGO bricks, can build a variety of creative shapes, such as building blocks robots, windmills, cars and so on.
  • 7. It means the BBC micro:bit can very easily become the core of a whole variety of robotics projects.


Package list

Separate expansion board

Super:bit expansion board*1


Basic package

Super:bit expansion board*1

18650 battery *1

USB cable*1

Basic package with building block pack

Super:bit expansion board*1

18650 battery *1

USB cable*1

Building block support package*1

Advanced package

Super:bit expansion board*1

18650 battery *1

USB cable*1

Building block servo package*1

Grey servo*1

Red motor/1



Yahboom super:bit expansion board

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Good customer service

Seller very helpful and fast response!

Great Expansion Board

its a great expansion board for microbit, but i stil waiting maybe its srracth 3 compatible soon

Good experience

I am glad to do business with you



Use servo pins as a normal pin

I am very happy with this product but I would like to ask a question
How can I use servo pins as a normal pins? For example to connect a led

Thanks for your comment. We just update the super:bit hardware interface manual on our website, you could the link for more pin details. http://www.yahboom.net/study/Super:bit Any question, feel free to contact us.