Yahboom sensor kit for Raspberry Pi Pico(Get Started with MicroPython and RP2040)

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Ben Wlison
Good for the basics

Some of these modules work better than others. If you're looking for a bunch of random sensors, this would be convenient, but if you really mainly have your eye on 3 or 4, you might want to consider ordering them individually so you aren't stuck with, on average (sometimes) lower quality modules. That's probably being pessimistic, though. Mainly, these sensors work great and are great for beginners.

Really good and seriously Fun!

I was controlling the motherboard within minutes. The instructions/documentation are excellent. There’s videos and sample.
Code for everything. I’m getting ready to order their G1 Tank car!
If you have previous programming experience, like C and similar, then you’ll really scream thru each ‘sensor’.

Ben jamin
Human body infrared detection module does not work properly sometimes

I am a retired teacher. To fill up my time, I have Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B, 4B, as well as Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino Leonardo boards. I have made many interesting creative works for my grandchildren.

I just started learning Pico recently, it is really cheap compared to other development boards. When I was looking for a sensor kit, I saw this kit on the Yahboom website, (I bought a blue tank here a year ago, and it still works well now, except for long-term use, the track has suffered some damage). I chose to buy directly. After receiving the package, I obtained detailed tutorial materials, some free source code and library files on their website.

The problem I discovered during the experiment is that the infrared module of the human body sometimes fails to detect the human body, and the whole system needs to be reset to detect the human body again.

Hello Ben,
Thanks for your review.
There is a yellow jumper cap on the human infrared sensor module, which needs to be connected to the repeatable trigger pin, and the module is also equipped with an adjustable potentiometer. During use, the sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted according to the actual environment.
If you have any other problems when using, feel free to contact our technical support(E-mail:support@yahbbom.com), we will provide complete after-sales service to you.

Nice kit with some unique sensors.

Lots of unique little sensors mounted for ease of use with Raspberry Pi Pico board. Many have a use beyond the tutorial.

Update: I have done the tutorial completely. It's given me insight into what kinds of devices I can build with Raspberry Pi Pico. Some of these parts could be used in your projects after the tutorial as they are the full sensor boards with support chips and such. I chose to keep my kit together though and have ordered other such circuits for my own projects. Thanks to these parts, I have a better understanding of what to expect from hardware and software.

Good Starter Sensors Collection

A good collection of starter sensors and resistors, no complains, great set of instructions/coding examples. They have done a reasonable job in adding English text on those images.
Button, joystick, relay, LEDs are fine. IR "avoid" sensor only worked to about 1in range, regardless of potentiometer settings.


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