Yahboom sensor kit for Raspberry Pi Pico(Get Started with MicroPython and RP2040)

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Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern
Good raspberry pi pico sensor kit!

This kit contains various types of sensors, which is very suitable for raspberry novices to experiment and learn. They are equipped with detailed operating instructions, which is easy to install and operate.
I like this kit very much, because it provides a very good learning opportunity, so that I can deeply understand the working principle of raspberry pie and sensor. The sensors in the kit can meet my needs in the experiment, and with these sensors, I can conduct more complex and interesting experiments.

Jarvinen Raimo
Great value, nice documentation

Very good product to start a complete initiation on electronic and programming. Components seems to be in a very good quality, and all the projects (on pdf file, can be downloaded on http://www.yahboom.net/download/ website) in MicroPython (using Processing software) are interesting and could be a good start point for more another personnal projects.
Awesome. Almost 5 star.

Amber R. Wellman

Scenario 1. If you have an empty shelf collecting dust, then this item is perfect for you. You can unpack the box and put everything on your shelf. And now your furniture is clean.

Scenario 2. You started noticing your kid is interested in technical classes. You want him/her/it to be ready for college/university, then buy this kit. Don’t forget to spend some time with your kid to show the wonderful world of electronics.

Scenario 3. You are a person in your comfort zone with plenty of free time who doesn’t mind to procrastinate sometimes. If this is about you, then you should buy it

Annu Mishra

I've received the parcel. The outer packaging is almost intact. Everything is included. Delivered quickly. I have not tested it for performance yet, if something does not work, I will add a comment.

Ben Wlison
Good for the basics

Some of these modules work better than others. If you're looking for a bunch of random sensors, this would be convenient, but if you really mainly have your eye on 3 or 4, you might want to consider ordering them individually so you aren't stuck with, on average (sometimes) lower quality modules. That's probably being pessimistic, though. Mainly, these sensors work great and are great for beginners.


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