【Unboxing and Reviewing】--- Roboduino V2 Robot Car with ESP32 WiFi camera

With the rapid development of science and technology, robotics has penetrated into our daily lives. For technology enthusiasts, students, and those who want to learn programming, a multifunctional robot car is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

Today, we will share with you a high-quality Arduino car---Roboduino V2. This robot car based on Arduino UNO has attracted a lot of attention with its all-metal body, advanced Mecanum wheels, and rich functional modules. Let's unbox it together and explore the infinite possibilities of this robot car.

Unboxing Experience

The outer packaging is sturdy and the design is simple and clear. The metal body, motor, Mecanum wheel, and ultrasonic module are assembled. After simple steps, I completed the assembly and wiring of the multifunctional expansion board and ESP32 WiFi camera module.

Each accessory is packaged separately to avoid possible damage during transportation. In addition, a detailed assembly guide and user manual are also included in the box, and Yahboom also provides assembly videos, which greatly facilitates the user's installation and use.

★ Functional module analysis 

ESP32 WiFi camera module

The ESP32 WiFi camera module is a highlight of Roboduino V2. The module realizes real-time video transmission through the mobile phone APP, which makes remote monitoring and shooting very convenient.

Multi-function expansion board

The multi-function expansion board provides Roboduino V2 with a variety of interfaces, so that it can connect various sensors and control devices such as ultrasonic modules, line patrol modules, infrared remote controllers, etc. And the expansion board is reasonably designed, the interface layout is clear, and the connection is stable.

Ultrasonic module and line tracking module

The ultrasonic module and line patrol module are the key components for this robot car to achieve obstacle avoidance and automatic line patrol functions. In actual tests, the ultrasonic module can accurately detect obstacles in front and make avoidance actions in time. The three-way line patrol module performs well on black and white ground. The robot can accurately move along the preset line with satisfactory stability and sensitivity.

Infrared remote control

The infrared remote control allows users to control the movement and operation of Roboduino V2. However, in actual use, the response speed of the infrared remote control is not fast enough, the control distance is also short, and it often fails. The infrared light emitted by the remote control is easily absorbed by the surrounding environment, resulting in the infrared receiving head on the small planning expansion board unable to receive the signal.

Programming Experience

Roboduino V2 is developed based on Arduino UNO and supports C language programming, directly using Arduino IDE programming software. Users can control the various functional modules of the robot car by writing code. The programming environment is friendly and the supporting sample code is detailed. Beginners can quickly get started and realize their own ideas through these sample codes.

In the actual programming process, I tried to realize the RGB light special effects. By writing simple codes, I successfully made the RGB lights of the robot car change and flash in multiple colors. The implementation of the line patrol function and obstacle avoidance function is also smooth. After writing the code, the robot can accurately perform the predetermined tasks through debugging and optimization.

The openness and extensive community support of Arduino UNO make it easy for users to find various resources and tutorials, which greatly improves the efficiency of learning and creation. In the programming process, we made full use of the open source resources on the Internet, combined with our own needs, and optimized and expanded the functions of the robot car many times.

Teaching and learning

Roboduino V2 is not only a powerful robot car, but also an excellent teaching tool. For beginners, through assembly and programming, they can quickly master the basic knowledge and skills of Arduino programming. Rich functional modules and scalability make this robot car suitable for a variety of teaching and learning scenarios.

In the school's science and technology courses, Roboduino V2 can be used as a teaching device to help students understand the basic principles of robotics and programming. Through hands-on assembly and coding, students can intuitively see the realization process of their programming results, thereby improving their learning interest and hands-on ability.

For programming enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts, Roboduino V2 provides a broad creative platform. Users can continuously expand and improve the functions of the robot according to their interests and needs, and explore more possibilities. Whether it is to achieve complex automation tasks or develop innovative smart applications, this robot car can provide sufficient support and inspiration.


In general, Roboduino V2 is a robot car that combines versatility, high performance and ease of use. Its all-metal body and Mecanum wheels bring excellent control experience, coupled with rich functional modules and easy-to-understand programming environment, making it an ideal choice for users of different ages to learn programming and robotics.





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