How to play "ODE" with banana, apple, mango, and pear? - Yahboom

Today I'm going to make a piano that can play music using fruits and vegetables combined with Microbit.

List of items

Fruits and vegetables *7

There are only peppers, bananas, apples, mangoes, and oranges left in the kitchen. I took advantage of them. You can also use tinfoil graphite core, or any other conductor.


Since the Micro:bit touch pins are not enough, we need to resort to an expansion board.

(Alligator clip expansion board designed for micro:bit. On-board 24 alligator clip interface, 4 sets of 3.3v power supply and 2 sets of 5v power interface, supports connecting a large number of alligator clips, and integrated the touch transmission chip, which can create many creative works.)

Working principle

The fruit is connected to the expansion board through the crocodile clip. When we touch the fruit with our hands, the buzzer will make a different sound.
It sounds like a work for music lovers.
Of course, in addition to the fruit piano, you can also make fruit keyboards to play games, fruit taps and more.

Effect video


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