Yahboom OLED screen

Yahboom OLED screen

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The display is small and requires no backlight, and the display unit can self-illuminate when properly programmed. It adopts the SSD1306 driver chip, which possesses the same resolution (128*64) as the LCD12864 but it possesses denser dot matrix. And it can display Chinese characters, English, pictures, animations. It is fully compatible with Arduino, MSP430, STM32, CSR chips.


  • Viewing angle: >160
  • Low power consumption: 0.08W(the full screen is lit), 0.06W(normal full screen display character)
  • Support wide voltage: directly support DC 3V~5V without any modification.
  • IO takes up less
  • No word stock required: use the moulding software to get word

    Descriptions of standard 7 interfaces :

    1. GND:  power ground

    2. VCC:  Power supply is positive (3V~5.5V)

    3. DO:  DO pin of OLED, clock pin in SPI and IIC communication

    4. D1:  D1 pin of OLED, data pin in SPI and IIC communication

    5. RES:  RES# pin of OLED, used for reset (low reset)

    6. DC:  D/C#E pin of OLED, data and command control pin

    7. CS:  CS# pin of OLED, that is, chip select pin


    Size: 0.96 inch

    Control chip: SSD1306

    Display area: 21.744mmx10.864mm

    Overall size: 27.8mmx27.3mm

    Interface type: 4-wire SPI, 3-wire SPI, IIC interface

    Number of pins: 7

    Working temperature: -40°~70°

    Color display: yellow/blue

    Weight: 5g


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