Yahboom Uno R3 sensor starter kit compatible with Arduino

Yahboom Uno R3 sensor starter kit compatible with Arduino

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Yahboom Arduino UNO sensor Kit is designed for Arduino enthusiast with 34 kinds of components. All kinds of components in the kit, such as Sound sensor, Touch sensor, Temperature sensor and so on are used to complete various experiments for learning with Arduino UNO as the core. We will offer 36 courses include 20 basic experimental courses, 16 sensor experimental teaching courses, and each sensor has a matching experimental tutorial for makers. Not only can users learn Arduino, but also master the driving methods and practical application value of various sensors. This Arduino UNO sensor Kit will take you to experience the Arduino UNO and all kinds of sensors from simple understanding to basic learning to in-depth study.


  • Arduino UNO sensor Kit includes some simple electronic components for beginners and 14 kinds of advanced sensors with complete data.
  • We offer introductions to the principle of sensors, wiring diagrams and a part of the program analysis for each experiment.
  • Users can use the C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly.
  • High-quality double-layer storage box is provided to store electronic components.
  • The online learning documents on Yahboom official website are open at any time to obtain product information quickly and conveniently.


Main Controller: Uno R3

Programming software: Arduino IDE, Mixly

Input: Flame sensor, Photosensitive sensor, thermistor, IR remote receiver, Buttons, Adjustable resistor, Tilt sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor, sound detection sensor, Joystick, Gas sensor, touch sensor, PIR motion sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Gray sensor

Output( display): LCD16021 bit 7 segment display4 bit 7 segment display8*8 LED dot matrix display,LEDs, RGB light.

Output(Driver): SG90 servo, stepper motor, DC fan motor.

Output(Voice): Active buzzerPassive buzzer

Battery: 9V battery

Size: 23*16*6cm (double)

Weight: 650g

Package list

1 x UNO R3

1 x USB cable

1 x Gray sensor


1 x Motor fan

1 x Touch capacitive sensor  

1 x Joystick module

1 x Ultrasonic sensor

1 x sound detection sensor

1 x Gas sensor

1 x Temperature and humidity sensor  

1 x Infrared PIR motion sensor

1 x Flame sensor

1 x 170 points breadboard

1 x Component box

5 x 5mm red LED

5 x 5mm green LED

5 x 5mm yellow LED

1 x Active buzzer

1 x Passive buzzer

4 x Colorful button

1 x 1 bit 7 segment display

1 x 4 bit 7 segment display

1 x 8*8 LED dot matrix display

2 x Tilt shaking position switch

1 x Potentiometer



Yahboom Arduino sensor kit

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