Yahboom Trikebot smart robot with WiFi camera for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+

Yahboom Trikebot smart robot with WiFi camera for Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+

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This Raspberry Pi TrikeBot three-wheel robot is designed with a bionic shape. From the front, it looks like a robot driving a car on the road. The TrikeBot robot is made of 2mm thick aluminum alloy, with smooth blue oxide sandblasting on the surface. Some parts are made of 3D printing and environment-friendly materials. With independent steering function in front of the car, the robot car could change the direction at any time and finish tracking and obstacle avoidance easily. The front wheel of the independent steering system consists of a 9G metal digital servo, fish-eye pull rod, 3D printing fork, and pure rubber tire, making the car very flexible to rotate. In addition, the front wheel and the ground level are 70 degrees in the horizontal direction, so that the car has a higher sensitivity, effectively preventing sudden situations such as rollovers and falls. The overall shape of the car is unique and the layout is reasonable, which is a good choice for expansion and study.


  • Unique car shape, simple assembly, no welding
  • The newest Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ board as the controller, supporting 5G WIFI network. Video image transmission is smooth and the usage effect is stable.
  • Equipped with some interfaces of various sensors and communication modules on BST-4WD multi-functional expansion board and it is compatible with four core controllers: Arduino UNO, 51 controllers, STM32 and Raspberry Pi.
  • Equipped with RGB colorful headlights in front of the robot car with high brightness and long exposure distance. It is very obvious at night and can produce a variety of color effects.
  • Equipped with a 4-channel tracking sensor module, which is combined with the official innovative algorithm program, so that the three-wheel car with independent steering can also achieve complicated tracking.
  • Powerful power supply system with sufficient power, up to 4200mAh, working for more than 5 hours.
  • Controlled by Bluetooth App by Android/iOS mobile phone, When the mobile phone turns on the Bluetooth and is close to the Bluetooth module, Bluetooth can automatically recognize and connect without entering a key.
  • Supporting C language programming and Python programming with some tutorials for reference.


Package list

1 x HD camera

1 x USB cable

1 x ultrasonic sensor

1 x colorful searchlight 

1 x 4 channel tracking module

1 x 4WD expansion board

2 x wheel 

2 x TT motor

1 x Bluetooth 4.0 module

1 x 18650 battery box

2 x 18650 battery

1 x 6 pin cable

2 x 4 pin cable

1 x 12.6V charger

1 x 40 pin flat cable

1 x servo package

1 x copper pillar&nut&screw package

1 x pulley

2 x pull rod

2 x special screw

1 x 3D printer parts

1 x Aluminum alloy parts

1 x Aluminum alloy chassis

1 x screwdriver

1 x plastic gasket

1 x manual


If you choose Trikebot with Raspberry Pi 4B, below are included.

1 x Raspberry Pi 4B board

1 x 16G TF card

1 x heatsink


Yahboom Raspberry Pi Trikebot smart robot 


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Great little robot

My husband is a software developer and very keen on introducing our daughter to programming and coding. My daughter really wanted a robot for her bday. We got her one that was really basic and after she lost interest in the other one we decided to upgrade to this one. It was worth it. This is a great little machine. The things it can do will surprise you! Honestly I think my husband has been having just as much fun with it as she has. Just note - raspberry pi is not included. We already had one so it wasn't a problem.. Honestly I'll greatly recommend it for any kid interested in in robotics (or adult :)