Yahboom Roboduino Uno R3 smart robot compatible with Arduino

Yahboom Roboduino Uno R3 smart robot compatible with Arduino

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The Roboduino Smart Robot Car Kit is an educational and funny kit based on the Yahboom robot drive expansion board (compatible with Arduino R3). It contains 2 in 1 ultrasonic module that integrates RGB light and detection, 3-channle tracking module, IR controller, WIFI camera module, 2DOF platform and other components, which make car to achieve intelligent tracking and automatic avoid, cool lights, buzzer singing, IR control, etc. We specially designed the iOS / Android APP for the Roboduino car, and used it with a WIFI camera module and a 2DOF platform. It can transfer the captured video to the APP interface for display, and take photos and videos. It supports simple Helloblock graphical programming and more complex Arduino IDE code programming, which suitable for users of many different ages. Besides that, we will also provide a series of tutorials, from simple IO port control to external experiments of various types of sensor modules, to integrated APP remote control with multiple functions, allowing create your own robot car. Not only stimulate children's creativity, but also lay the foundation for further study in the future.


  • An educational and fun kit based onYahboom robot drive expansion board designed for both beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming and robotics, easy to assemble.
  • Multi-function driver expansion board designed for UNO (compatible with Arduino R3), with 4-channel motor, 4-channel servo, wifi camera, IIC , various sensor sockets; On-board buzzer, button, programmable RGB light, infrared receiver, etc .; comes with anti-reverse protection, over-current protection, low-voltage protection.
  • 2 in 1 ultrasonic module that integrates RGB light and detection, included the STM8S003F3U6 chip, LMV324 operational amplifier, WS2811, which make it not only possess high-accuracy ranging, but also can emit lights of different colors.
  • 3-channel tracking module designed and produced by Yahboom. Three pairs of infrared transmitting and receiving tubes can allow Roboduino to walk on various black tracks, such as straight, curved, obtuse tracks.
  • With WIFI camera, support Android / iOS APP remote control, the camera can be rotated 0 ° ~ 180 ° in the horizontal and vertical directions, which can realize multi-directional taking photos and videos.
  • Helloblock graphical and Arduino IDE programming.



Package list

1 x UNO controller 

1 x AR expansion board 

1 x Top acrylic board

1 x Lower acrylic board

1 x Battery box 

1 x Magic sticker

1 x Screw pack

1 x 5 pin cable

1 x 4 pin cable

4 x Tyre

4 x TT motor pack

1 x Servo pack

2 x Li-po battery

1 x Screwdriver

1 x Remote controller

1 x CD

1 x Battery charger

1 x Tracking module

1 x Ultrasonic module

1 x Cable

1 x Copper pillar pack

1 x Camera pack


 Yahboom Roboduino Smart Car


Customer Reviews

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Yahboom Roboduino Uno R3 smart robot compatible with Arduino

Great Customer Support, adult help probably required

This is a simple kit to build, but takes some effort and knowledge to get it programmed and running. The customer support is excellent however. I didn't want to call China, so I got technical support via email, which worked great even if it took a little longer because of the time difference. The documentation is a little on the light side, but I figured everything out with email help from tech support. Unless your Son or Grandson is a Techie, he will need your help to get it running. The major problem I had was that the version of the USB to Serial Port driver supplied on the disk would not install on my Dell computer. so I had to download a new driver. Also, the version of the Arduino IDE supplied was not the latest. It would work, but I downloaded the latest anyway. In general, it is best to visit the Yahboom website for the version of all the software, since what is on the supplied DVD is out of date. Some of the latest Dell computers have no DVD drive, but all the software can be downloaded from the website instead of using the DVD.

When you compile the and upload the software, don't forget to tell the Arduino IDE that the computer board is an Arduino Uno, and don't forget to specify the correct COM Port. Windows will not recognize the Driver automatically, so don't forget to download and install the USB.Serial driver. Also, you cannot upload software to the car until you remove the Video/WIFI cable because it uses the same serial port as the upload.

In my opinion iPhone APP is hard to use, but it does work even if minimally documented. The problem is that it displays both the video and the control buttons on the screen at the same time, making the buttons a little hard to see. Also be aware that the Battery charge only lasts 30 minutes, and instead of warning you, the car just starts ti misbehave. This is the signal to recharge the battery.

Awesome modern RC car

So this is a pretty cool little Arduino kit to build a little car. This is pretty much the modern-day version of an RC car, for grown adults and kids who aspire to be engineers. The kit has every little thing that is needed, all you literally need is a computer and a free evening. They even provide you with a screwdriver to make your lives much easier. The one thing I would recommend people to do is to read the manual a couple of times before starting to make sure you are screwing things down in the right directions for the following step.

Robot for beginners

This is perfect for my son who is in to Robotics and coding. Perfect beginner robot. Instructions are detailed and easy to follow. I’m so excited for him to build and enjoy this robot!

Cute + educational= win!

Looks like a nice kit to teach electronics and coding while having fun too.