Yahboom Roboduino Uno R3 smart robot with WiFi camera compatible with Arduino UNO

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Joseph Kota

It's a good 4-wheel car. The kit includes a CD with all the tutorial materials.


Although similar in design and form, the Yahboom version of a Robot Car is superior in design and execution. I have read other reviews of this kit and offer some insight to consider.
There should be some attention paid to the fact that this is a kit and not a plug-n-play toy so you must bear this in mind and set your expectations accordingly. It is intended to teach some electronics and software basics while producing a great “toy” in the process. You DO NOT need to program to get this car to work! You have the option to just upload a software package called a “sketch” (although you do have the option to make changes to the code as well). Just follow the instructions which explain everything step by step. However, you do need access to a computer to upload software to the control board on the car and to the remote.
If it is a present for a child make sure that they are at least 12 years old or have an adult to assist with the build and access to a computer with Internet access to download Arduino IDE (a free open-source safe software system used globally).

If you encounter any issues, Freenove Customer Support is very responsive and detailed.

Très satisfait

ce kit est vraiment complet, fonctionnel et même s'il peut y avoir une ou deux coquilles dans le code , il y a une bonne bibliothèque de code fournie pour chaque fonctionnalité qui permet de prendre facilement en main la programmation et modifier à sa convenance le code.
Je trouve que c'est un bon moyen de découvrir cet univers mais il est clairement préférable d'avoir de petites notion en programmation. Je conseille d'aller faire un tour sur la notice de montage et le code en ligne pour vous faire une idée. C'est d'ailleurs ce qui m'a décidé de prendre ce produit.

Yahboom Roboduino Uno R3 smart robot with WiFi camera compatible with Arduino UNO

Great seller. Reliable and great communication. Product came well packaged.

Tutorial could be written better

The tutorial was clearly written by someone whose native language is NOT English, which makes it a little difficult (but not impossible) to understand what to do/expect. The Arduino code is already pre-written, so depending on your preference, this may or may not be a good thing. For me, I would have preferred they show me the code, then explain to me what exactly the code is doing.


  • There is some way to follow a line smoothly? In some videos it seems that it continuosly does little direction changes while follows the line.

    It can follow a line smoothly. 
    The car will deviate from the black line due to the influence of ground friction and wheel speed when the car is walking, but when the tracking sensor detects this situation, the car will automatically adjust the direction and speed to ensure that it is always on the black line go ahead.

  • what is the name of the wifi camera module? should we use it for image processing? Thanks

    Camera module is GC0308. At present we only use it to transmit video and remote control car in real time.

  • When delivering on an order do you include the batteries?

    Hello friend,
    If you choose Standard shipping, it will arrive at 9-12days.
    If you choose DHL/Fedex shipping, it will arrive at 5-7days.

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