Raspberry Pi 4B double fan armor case for 4B

Raspberry Pi 4B double fan armor case for 4B

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The Raspberry Pi 4 double fan armor case is specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 4B. The interface is different from 3B+/3B, and the cases are not common to each other. The Raspberry Pi CPU heats the heat through the thermal column to the aluminum alloy case. The heat spreads over the aluminum alloy case and fills the entire case, making the entire case a "huge" heat sink. The dual-fan design further enhances the heat dissipation of the aluminum alloy itself. The case is simple in design, lightweight and durable. The tail is slotted and does not affect WIFI/Bluetooth signal transmission. The case is designed with GPIO position opening, camera connection port, Poe interface hole, DSI display connector interface hole, convenient GPIO pin insertion and removal, no need to open the cover. This is a cost-effective case that Raspberry Pi lovers should not miss.


  • Designed for Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Aluminum alloy material +Double fan
  • Entire case as a "huge" heat sink
  • Do not affect WIFI/Bluetooth
  • Simple and beautiful, hollow design



Weight: 101g

Material: Aluminum alloy

Package list

1 x Aluminum alloy upper case

1 x Aluminum alloy lower case

1 x Double cooling fan

1 x Hexagon spanner

2 x Thermal conductive silicone

12 x Hexagon screw


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